A second bite at the cherry

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Oct 15, 2008.

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    The downtrend got broken by that huge rally, and we saw clear capitulation last week. So IMO it's more likely this is a pullback which is going to form a higher low, than a resumption of the downtrend to break to new lows. I could be wrong but that's what stops/options are for.

    If the market is forming a higher low, then the upside is very large. So IMO it's worth going long some ES with a stop around 870ish, and also buying some calls (Nov probably best, maybe a bit in Oct for a punt) for a limited risk play on a large rally in the next few days/weeks.

    One possible scenario is a gap down open tomorrow. In that case, I would buy futures and calls on the gap down with a stop about 20 points below the opening gap for the futures leg. Gap downs often market the low of a short-term pullback, just like Tuesday's gap up was the high of the big fast rally from Friday evening.
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  2. maybe all the odd lotters that refrained from selling becuase the market was up monday will finally throw in the towel tomorrow.

    I aint retiring no time soon, exhaustion bottoms are fun!
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  4. Thanks for your explanation Cutter. I am also following your idea of the Platinum/Gold spread so I really value your insight.

    You mention buying options. I'm currently long ES and due to (stupidly) averaging down I'm over-leveraged. So I don't want to buy any more ES. I could, I just don't feel comfortable adding more.

    Can you explain more about buying options? I'm vaguely familiar with how they work but I've never bought one before.

    I was thinking I could buy some calls for the ES. I just took an example for ES Nov 08 930 and it's 112. I'm not sure what is the best option to get and at what strike price. Any recommendations?
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  5. If there's a 1% gap down tomorrow, then Monday's gap will be completely filled.
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  6. ES DEC08 Futures ESZ8
    NOV 21 '08
    Multiplier: 50

    The quote I'm getting on this option is 47.25, down 50%.

    From what I understand, I take the price of 47.25 and multiply by 50 to get the price of an option for 1 ES option? That's $2362. I have no idea how to calculate if this is a good deal or not.
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  7. Market got its cherry popped by the big hedge fund dick!
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    Gap up, gap quickly filled on emotional selling on the open, then a decent bounce. So far this is a nice setup for a long play.

    Can place a stop below today's lows e.g. 895. 2% downside, that's relatively small risk.

    Next signal will be a decent break above the globex highs of 931 on ES, then if a pattern of higher highs, and higher lows on pullback tests emerges, that will make things even more bullish. Break below 895 and all bets are off for today.
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    Bearish figure but that's to be expected. Most important is not the knee-jerk reaction, but how the market responds once it stabilizes. If we rally above the pre-news figure 920, then that's a bullish sign.
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  10. So until it breaks 920 or 895, just wait?

    Whats the best free site to track ES when the market is closed?
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