A Search for a Very Special Indicator

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BNB Analytics, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone on ET,

    I would like to know if any ET guys here have discovered an indicator that looks similiar to the moving average but actually projects where future price's direction is headed based on past price movements?

    Kinda would look like an extension of the line of a regular moving average projecting where price in the near term future would go.

    Anyone see a neat indicator of this kind?
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  4. Joab


    BNB Analytics ???

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    Let me guess, in another day your going to post a link to a web site that you found that does just that...:cool:

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  5. nkhoi


    sound like aligator indicator by B.W.
  6. sprstpd


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  7. mtwokay


    Take a look at liner regression channels/lines.
  8. your indicator that you seek is called a channel and it is created through price/volume analysis.

    I don't know of any software currently that automates the drawing in of these channels, fortunately it is not necessary.
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