A scalping ECN Forex broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by pabmove, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. pabmove


    I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed to death (I have done a search here but nothing suitable).

    I think I read somewhere that forex brokers look on scalpers with disdain but I don't know if thats true but are there any ECN brokers that are suitable for scalping?

    Anybody else?

    Dukascopy is out of my budget and I can't stand IB trading platform.

    Also I know fills are not guaranteed but does the ECN scalp broker have decent executions.... good liquidity ...
  2. Moe27


    i think thats it, once your account grows there are a few currenex hubs where you can trade for about 25k.
  3. joemiami

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    I scalp forex thru MBT(Ninja platform) for my client accts and my personal acct. They are excellent from my experience....
  4. 4XQs


    I think Ninjatrader offers a static dom for $1 per trade - which allows you to escape IB TWS if that's not your cup of tea. I wouldn't have any problems recommending IB.
  5. pabmove


    Thanks for the reply all, I'll certainly check out Ninja (though I've no idea what they do).

    How are MBT and their executions? Instant and mostly filled? Are orders guaranteed?
  6. When you get a chance you should take a second to calculate the commission MB is charging.

    Fucking ridiculous.

    Depending on the pair it's something around $10-15 per standard lot round trip. Paying that kind of commission when you're trying to scalp is going to be a bitch.
  7. pabmove


    ok, but I'll probably stick to the majors then and I certainly wouldn't pay 10-15 bucks per pop.

    I think hotspot is charging usd3 per 100k lots.
  8. Now that's more like it. Much better commission.
  9. pabmove


    The point of this thread is not the price of commission
  10. nelson


    isnt IB an ECN?
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