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    Dear Friends
    I’m planning to paper trade the YM with the IB simulator. Since I gonna have delayed quotes , what chart service can I use in synchronicity with the sim. It seems to me that IB graphs don’t cover futures !! I’ve eSignal real time data service.
    Any suggestions in how I can put everything together ??
    Thanks :confused:
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    You might consider using Futuresource.com for delayed quotes and charts.. Great content for free quotes and interactive charts.

    Futuresource also has a pretty cheap web based product called Fsxtra.. I believe it starts at $60 a month plus exchange fees.

    Something to consider.
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  5. Easy!

    Rather than use the IB simulator, use futures-trader (www.futures-trader.net), which is an excellent, fully-functional trading / scalping platform that plugs into the IB API and lives of IB's feed.

    The great thing is that it is free for the unrestricted simulator version (only restriction : no real trades), and when you're good enough on the sim, you just unlock real trading for $100. That's it.

    It's got everything you'd imagine. Direct-entry tradelogs, simple charting, trade statistics, order/trade books, you name it. Fully customizable layout, too.

    eSignal real time is the best data feed available by far, and eSignal charting has long overtaken TradeStation in terms of functionality, ease of use, charting, reliability etc.

    I use the same stuff. You've got all you need. Look no further... :)

    ~The Scientist
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    Sorry, I did not read your message closely. So I add you should open an IB account for only $2000, and then use quotetracker.
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    The CBOT has a free Dow simulator that works in real-time. Go to www.cbot.com.
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    only if you're using windows. since he's talking about IB and IB is crossplatform you should at least state that underlying assumption.

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    Use your real time quotes to trade on the simulator. That way, you'll know what really happened in advance of placing your trades. You'll make a ton of 'simulated' money.

    That's what I hear Larry Williams used to do in his daytrading seminars :eek:
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