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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by SatMir, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. SatMir


    Hi to All!

    if you were to break the Price Bar into percentiles,what that numbers would be?

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    sure you don`t,as your days are numbered.
  4. jcl


    The percentile of the Close would probably be 100*(Close-Low)/(High-Low) - but for what purpose would you need that???
  5. SatMir


    For e.g.,5min bar contains 300 sec.How would you break those second down into %,from the opening of the bar to its close?
  6. percentage equals: number of seconds divided by 300 multiply by 100.
    eg 75 seconds = 75/300*100=25%

    Likewise if you wish to know how much percentage a small piece of a bar is.
    partial length of bar divided by full length of bar times 100 equals the percentage.
  7. SatMir


    Not quiet, 75 sec could be 80% of a bar.
  8. oh, so, 75 seconds of 5 minutes equals 80%.....?
  9. SatMir


    could possibly be,but either could not.