A review of Timmay's hedge fund book

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  1. Can I bring my track record from '99-'07 and debate you?

    Can I talk about how I started out with less money than you did (10k) at the same time you did (early '99) and completely destroyed your 4 year track record of "fully audited pre-tax returns" just by the end of 2000...and continued to do so every year thereafter.

    Can I talk about how many guys I saw absolutely kill the market from '99-'01...and then, just like you, make no money over the next couple of years (some were smart enough to get out ahead...some were not).

    I have no desire to pimp myself online while sitting next to a person I have zero respect for, and even less desire to get hounded by people searching for a mentor.

    P.S.- Just so you don't try to spin my unwillingness to go into the public spotlight as a feeble attempt to attack my credibility....

    If you doubt anything I have said, then bet me (minimum of $100,000) that it's not true and then I will go on your MSN show and we can debate track records and I can expose you as a snake oil salesman.

    Your call.
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  2. Another Surfer call gone wrong. :D
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  3. OK Surf, lets blame the victim/investors.

    They should have known better than trust Tim Sykes with their money.
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  4. Tim's book may or may not be a good or "fun" read. I don't know. However, your endorsement adds limited value since, you will recall, you also endorsed Covel's book ("because that's the way these things are done, you just don't understand the publishing business"), until you dissed it. Surf, you shamelessly attach yourself like a leech to anything remotely resembling celebrity or notoriety. Doesn't it get a bit embarrassing after a while?
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  5. please--- im certainly not blaming anyone. however, hedge funds investors know what they are getting into when they invest--- its high risk, high reward--- this isn't little old ladies with pensions.
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  6. You can talk about anything you want--I'd love to have you on before and after you read my book so we can see if there's any change.

    Seriously, email me tim@timothysykes.com and we can schedule a time.
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  7. What kind of "short biased" fund goes long a boatload of an illiquid pink sheet stock?

    Your "short biased" excuse is just more spin for your trading failure.
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  8. BINGO!!
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  9. My fund's core strategy has always been short selling, but overall it's a short bias fund because I do take longs. It's ironic that my short-bias fund's downfall came on a long
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  10. What part of this statement don't you understand?....

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