A review of Timmay's hedge fund book

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  1. what you guys are missing is this is not a "how to book".

    its a treatise on early stage hedge funds, microcaps and tim's personal experience in these arenas. it's not going to teach you how to trade, etc. ( although, if you are a newbie in microcaps, you will learn alot!) that is not the point. the book is far deeper and its purpose is a first step in changing an entire industry for the better. tim's on the right track with this one....

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  2. The problem with your argument is that I manage A SHORT-BIAS FUND!!! For all my mistakes, my fund is still a top-ranked SHORT BIAS FUND.

    OK, I'm tired of this useless conversation--we can go back and forth for weeks, but you're missing the point. The educational / entertainment value of my book is not whether I was the best performing short bias fund (which I was from 2003-2006, haha) or the worst--the value is in the trades and that's why I detail them all
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  3. You had two good years, one "ehhh" year and two bad years. Your drawdown is bigger than your upside. You're just flipping coins, you're not a good trader and you do not really have an edge. That is exactly what those numbers show.

    I stayed out of these threads, because I know ET will give you tons of crap, but I did read them. As much I have no jealousy toward, maybe a little pity, after your many posts which just jump around the real issues, I tend to side with your haters.

    You keep focusing on your success during a time when a monkey made money. I don't get why you keep thinking that it's special, your story is a dime a dozen. I remember meeting a caterer who got rich during those times and lost it all, except his big loft in midtown, which is still worth more than your fund. Sounds like he should write a book, about his real estate hedge fund.

    Face it, you can't really trade, your fund has no future as your numbers will scare away anyone with half a brain. So you're playing the media game and appealing to the sheep who are dumb enough to fall for it. You claim that you are "educating", but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

    It's actually quite silly, yet sad. It's silly because your story is a joke and you're able to play it up in a very entertaining way. It's sad because people fall for the BS so easily since they have been dumbed down by the media.

    P.S. I think the funniest part is how ridiculous your segment was on CNBC, a channel that is considered a joke by anyone who knows the markets. Yet they were treating you like a joke. That's pretty bad.
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  4. You're damn right I'm going to play up my success, BUT I'm going to play up my failure even more. The point that you're missing is that I'm going to be 100% truthful and nobody can quite seem to believe that. That's fine--I've done okay with Penny Stocks, but my real achievement is going to get others to understand the markets and this niche more so that they can become BETTER THAN ME.

    I could care less if people think I'm a joke, hate me or love me--but by the time I'm through I will have taught and entertained millions and hopefully created a few multi-millionaires in the process. I might succeed or I might fail--but def. stick around, it's going to be an interesting couple of years
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  5. 1) You don't have a "hedge fund". You have a regular retail account with a tiny portion of outside money (that's assuming you still have some outside money...with your performance though, I would be shocked if you did).

    2)You say others contradict themselves, yet in one post you talk about how you "demolished the S&P" in 2004-2005, yet you completely dismiss the fact that the S&P ABSOLUTELY destroyed you in 2003, 2006, and 2007.

    3) Good luck trying to spin your "top ranked short biased fund" to investors. Congratulations for being by far the the smallest fund in the category, and yet you're still not able to return a profit. How sad are you when a potential investor realizes that you HAVEN'T MADE MONEY IN 5 YEARS?

    Your posts continue to show what a dishonest shyster you are. You try everything possible to spin the facts, but everytime it blows up in your face.
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  6. 1. A hedge fund is a simple legal structure--technically I manage a hedge fund.

    2. I talk about how I did in 03, 04 and 05 only to show that I did in fact make money after the tech bubble.

    3. Not one short bias fund in the world is in the black over the past few years. Very difficult strategy

    I want you to come on my MSN show and debate me--you better say yes or else your credibility goes out the window
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  7. No Tim, YOU are missing the point!!
    The point is to make your investors money!!
    You failed your investors!!

    (Nobody made you choose one strategy or any other)
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  8. I wish I could've chosen a different strategy to specialize in, but as you'll read, I kind of just feel into short selling. You live, you learn, but that's not to say that short selling should never be used and there's basically only 2 other books that even detail it! That's sad
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  9. nice!

    no one here is going to take you up on the challenge. most of these detractors would fall to pieces on the show.......

    we'll see.

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  10. your missing the point. the investors KNEW they were buying a short biased fund. i'm not sure about tim's, but some funds are required to follow a certain strategy per the agreement--regardless of whether or not its working at the time.

    (no one MADE the investors buy into a short biased fund, either.)

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