A review of Timmay's hedge fund book

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  1. Tell me your worst trading mistake in detail, let's see how it compares. The truth is that every one of us has made stupid mistakes and it's easy to poke fun when looking back. Buuuuuut, if we take the time to see how these mistakes come about in a set-by-step manner, we might learn to avoid them in the future. Gasp!

    Oh yeah, and for all my stupidity, I'm 1/3 off my highs--not the end of the world and much better than master hedge fund managers like Niederhoffer and LTCM! (Whose stories also made for great reads!)
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  2. you guys gotta read the book first, then flame away, if you still can. detractors will be shocked at how wrong they are.

    its entertaining, insightful and educational--plus a blast to read!--- 2 thumbs up from the surf shack.--

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  3. Pekelo


    Maybe I should write a book called, "How to outperform the market in the possible simplest way if you have a small hedge fund?"

    A year or so ago I figured out a pretty simple way to do so. I didn't write a book, I posted my idea here on ET, for free. Then I did something even stranger!

    I put the idea to test! Thus last year and this year in the Journal section I have been running a fake fund and posting REAL LIFE trades. The money/fund is not real, the trades are!

    So far my fake fund is up 14% YTD, with less than 50 or so trades. I trade only one instrument, so I don't have to stay up all night and monitor 100s of stocks and since it is the S&P index, it is diversified. Oh yes, I don't use leverage either.

    So Tim, do you think I could get a TV and/or book deal with my performance and how about chicks? I think they would dig my accent.... :)

    P.S.: Again, your book can be a good read, one doesn't have to be a good trader to write an interesting book on trading....
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  4. Yeah man, go for it--email me some info and I'll try to hook you up with some of my connections.
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  5. This is a perfect example of how dishonest you are (your snake oil spin is pathetic). We all know about your standard tag line "From '99-'02 I made a fully audited pre-tax sum of bla, blah, blah" so I'll focus on the years after that.

    You did not have a "great" 2003-2005 (and just the fact that you think you did says alot about your trading abilities)....and 2006-2007 are obviously AWFUL.

    Cilantro Fund results...

    2003 +6.06% (S&P +26.39%)

    2004 +20.37% (S&P +9.00%)

    2005 +23.56% (S&P +3.01%)

    2006 -25.83% (S&P +12.80%)

    2007 -10.26% (S&P +4.00%)

    I stand by my statement....YOU HAVE NOT MADE MONEY IN 5 YEARS. THAT IS THE TRUTH.

    No more lies, no more spin, no more snake oil.

    I can't wait to see how you attempt to weasel your way around these facts.
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  6. Hahaha, I love how you contradict yourself in your own post. Tell me, is there a plus or negative sign in front of 2003, 2004, and 2005? Did I not demolish the S&P 500 in 2004 and 2005. And, as you'll read, there's a very specific reason for 2006 and 2007, which I DETAIL. Seriously man, please don't go crazy when you discover that you're in the wrong
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  7. Where the hell did I contradict myself?

    Did you not get DEMOLISHED by the S&P over the last 5 years?...YES.


    It's disgusting how you try to spin your failures...but I guess that's the business of a snake oil salesman.

    You are a lying sack of sh*t...dishonest to the core.

    I'm glad ET can see you for what you are.
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  8. Good point. In other words, would you trust Tim with 1 million dollars of your own money?
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  9. Definition of contradict:

    To be contrary to; be inconsistent with.

    When you say I haven't made any money in 5 years and yet the numbers you post SHOW that I made money in 2003, 2004, and 2005. A more accurate statement would be 'Tim has not made any money over the past 18 months'
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  10. Longhorns is correct. Below is the only important fact which is pathetic 1.5% annual return since Fund inception.

    Sykes/Cilantro Hedge Fund Audited Performance(3/2003-6/2007):

    Compounded Annual Return: 1.5% (underperformed money market rates, with much higher risk)

    Timmay Fund Sharpe Ratio (Annualized): -0.06
    (may as well bet on coin flips; or give up and go on TV/self-publish etc)
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