A review of Timmay's hedge fund book

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    Awww yeah haters, there's going to be nowhere to hide once the truth comes out!
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  2. Dude, why is is so tough to believe that I talk about all my gains AND losses in my book? The simple fact of the matter is that the truth is much more interesting/useful and so it should help me sell more copies.

    Get this through your head, I had a great 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. 2006 was my first down year and yes the losses wiped out the gains from the previous two. But to say I haven't made any money in 5 years is misleading and I ask you to stop.
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  3. The TRUTH is that you are a failed trader.

    Audited Cilantro/Sykes "hedge fund" performance:

    2007 YTDJan-Jul: -10.26%
    2006 Return: -25.83%

    Jan2006-Jul2007: -36.06%

    You have made NOTHING since 2002.

    That is the truth.
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  4. Pekelo


    Here is a simple question for those who actually read the book:

    Let's suppose you have 1 million dollars to invest. AFTER reading the book, would you let Tim handle that money?

    The book can be entertaining or even educating, but I doubt it will help Tim to gain investors. Probably that isn't the goal. So far my understanding is that even with all this free publicity, investors ain't lining up to throw money at him. And the title is slightly missleading, because it is basicly Tim's bio up to today, and not a how to raise and handle money for a hedge fund. Technically speaking, Tim isn't running a hedge fund....
    It is more like an incubator fund, with a possibility (??) to attract outsiders....

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  5. You are like a little child in that you don't want to hear the truth because it goes against your entire argument and now that you've built this up in your head, there's no way for you to admit that you might be wrong. You are a sad little boy and your way of thinking is a great lesson for other traders to avoid
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  6. Correct, the goal is definitely not to raise money as the problem with this industry is that you can never publicly detail your mistakes. That's fine for fund management, but it really hurts learning.

    The title is to show to the whole world what a hedge fund is and what kinds of strategies hedge funds use. Most people don't even realize that the vast majority of the hedge fund industry is comprised of funds under $10 million!! That's not to say my fund is the perfect fund or the worst fund--just the first detail my trades and thoughts in an attempt to stop all this misinformation.
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  7. So....what . You made some money, a lot of people did.
    But, there should be a law against young inexperienced punks writing books on trading.
    When you have been trading 15-20 years (successfully, not like now...) then write a book, and you might get some intelligent readers.
    You're just peddling some crap now from your 'vast' (haha) experience trying to hook some dumb crowd with try-to-get-rich-scheme. Fuck off.
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  8. Cygnus E Transactions (CYGT) and Sykes/Cilantro Demise:

    Sykes went long on this pink-sheet crap in his "Short-biased" fund, and lost his poor investors even more money.

    Why did he do it? Who cares? No reason to buy the book to learn how a poor money manager he really is.....he has already convinced us!
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  9. I've had a wild 9 years, that's experience enough. And thanks to the success of my TV show and the general misconception about hedge funds and financial speculation in general, I think the time is right for me to speak up. Not claiming to be the best / wisest trader in the world (far from it), just sharing my experiences. I hope my book's inevitable success inspires other traders to share their stories as everyone of us has entertaining / educational experiences we should share and not be forced into waiting decades to share our stories.

    And for the 183727372, my book is not some get-rich-quick scheme, me turning $12k into $2mil is just the first half of the book as my real education only began after that feat!
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  10. mde2004


    Good bookk overall and I would recommend all ET posters read and enjoy the knowledge I gained from reading Timmay's hedge fund.
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