A review of Timmay's hedge fund book

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    Just finished reading it and learned a lot. Overall, a very good read about a real trader taking 10 grand to several million in very little time.
  2. WOW! What a GREAT review!
  3. tim you don't need to create a thread for every thought that pops in your head.
  4. lol "Review"

    That's like the blurb of the summary of the review.
  5. OK Tim.

    Actually, the admin of ET has no one to blame but themselves for this thread, and any upcoming "my book is coming soon" threads, because they were the same admin that allowed tim to permeate around here for months shamelessly pimping his wares.

    When they finally moved the tim stuff to chit chat, it was far too late. Stay tuned..tim will not go away!
  6. tim's a sponsor of ET or will be shortly.

    stay tuned,

  7. surfer, what a surprise to see you on this thread.

    surfer please tell us your new stop loss on CROX because I was in Montauk this Labor day weekend and loads of people of all ages were wearing them and giving them rave reviews.
  9. Correct, just finishing up upgrading my site nad getting ready ready for the 9/24 book launch...

  10. the new site looks great, nice going.

    good choice on the date, day after my birthday, double reason to celebrate!


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