A retired business executive paid a 20000$ ad in Washington Post for the truth :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, May 16, 2003.

  1. Unbelievable but true :


    "The ad was the direct result of a donation from a subscriber who had recently viewed FTW Publisher Mike Ruppert's video "The Truth and Lies of 9-11". The ad that ran today was actually a second version, the text of which had to be changed after the first version apparently caused some nervousness in Washington."

    "It started when we got a call from a retired business executive who was so incensed by what he had seen in the 9/11 tape that he decided he wanted to do something with his own good fortune to make a difference. He specifically said that he wanted to buy us a full-page in the Post and that we could write anything we wanted," said Ruppert. "His only condition was that he remain anonymous. FTW never handled any of the fee – in excess of $20,000 -- to purchase the space and not once did our subscriber try to influence its content. I wrote the ad and three wonderful human beings contributed to it."


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  2. What the retired businessman actually paid to have published...