A rethinking of the American Athlete

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    Are these guys all beasts? Another athlete gone bonkers:


    I suggest these guys try to model themselves after

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    "Lawrence Taylor charged in rape case"


    An ex-partner of mine, who has a friend that works at Yahoo sports, said that this sort of thing is rampant amongst professional athletes - predatory type behavior against mostly young white girls.

    What I don't understand is, how can there be so many parents that gave up on their little girl?

    Even the Gods are crying in sadness.
  3. C'mon, do you actually believe that athletes of the bygone eras were much different? The Babe was a whore who drank like a fish. Hornug was supsended for gambling. I don't condone todays clowns, but let's not pretend like the old guys were much different. How about people quit worshiping athletes? Wow, there's an idea. What do they really offer society, not much more than over paid actors.
    Sorry, but athlete and actoe worship really makes me ill.
  4. Wish I could buy LEAPS on the insanity quotient in America.