A Reputable Bank Outside of USA That Offers Multi-Currency Accounts?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunnyskies, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a bank which is:

    1) outside of USA
    2) offers multi-currency accounts, particularly in CHF
    3) accepts foreigner accounts without too much bullshit and without having to personally come down
    4) has sensible product offerings such as debit card, reasonable fee schedule, etc. etc.

  2. This looks interesting: https://www.postfinance.ch/pf/content/en.html

    Owned by Swiss Post Office. Anyone have experieince with them?

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  4. I had an account with them a while back. It can be set up without any hassle and personal visit is not required. It offers a trading platform but it was very out dated back then and didnt provide much beyond stocks and mutual funds through various exchanges. It offers a wide array of currency accounts which can be linked and used for speculation. Debit card is provided.

    Don't expect much secrecy from them if thats what you are after. They listed your name and account number in something like a number book and everyone could look you up. Not sure if that's still going but i remember i had to call my manager specifically and have my name removed from the list.
  5. Secrecy is not needed in my case. Any other banks you guys can recommend?
  6. UBS Swiss