A Republican that has to vote for Obama, Why?

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  1. That's as simple a start to the thread as I can make it. I've voted straight republican for my whole life. What's different this time?

    McCain I believe is better for the economy, but one issue hits so close to home that it is a deal killer to vote for him. I don't know what moron advised him to tax health insurance benefits, but he should be fired, absolutely. If he wants to know why he didn't get the presidency, this thread sums it up.

    My story is that I was summing up my hospital bills and looked at how much of these bills are going to continue, and put myself in the scenario that one person in my family is admitted to a hospital again.

    In the case where my wife was put in the hospital to save her life, McCain would have forced me to put myself into a $35,000 higher tax bracket. In the process, though he offers a $5,000 deduction, would force me to pay a tax rate of 35% on the additional benefits from my health insurance company.

    Basically, his plan is actually a bigger tax increase than even obama's increase of the highest marginal tax rate by 3%. It would hit really close to home to have to pay an extra $10,500 on my tax bill next year in addition to the decent income that my family makes.

    Whoever designed his plan is a moron. Now, I can say I'm probably not for socialized medicine, but McCain's plan is unforgiveable.

    If you haven't heard this, just google mccain healthcare plan and I guarantee you'll see this idea.

    Now! What am I going to do when a conservative is forced to vote for Obama? I plan on creating gridlock in the system. By voting for Obama, and straight republican on the other congressional and local elections, I can thwart anything from happening.

    I haven't heard it proposed, but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest because it's so heartbreaking to defend the republican party so long and be stabbed in the back with this plan.

    So sad for me. But anyway, I'm sure some would disagree, but it's too much of a risk to think there isn't a possibility of McCain's plan passing.

    Sorry, John.

    For his defense he pretends like it won't apply to the important things, but a hospital stay would.

    Click health care.

    Yeah, he doesn't understand the sheer size of the benefits if he thinks a five thousand credit is going to help.
  2. These folks are providing my health plan


    Day to day stuff is way cheaper, better, and easier if you don't have insurance anyhow... I'll get a policy when I ramp up this trading business eventually just to cover the catastrophic stuff...
  3. Lol. That's pretty funny. I can sympathize with those without insurance, but I think most mix that debate up with whether it's a right or something to be earned, and I think you'd know where I stand on that.
  4. This is from the Communist Party USA website... I swear, in reading this I hear faint echoes from Obama's speeches... sort of like this is where he would like to go. It's too long to post here but just click the link..

  5. McCains plan doesn't tax you based on your medical bills. Sounds to me like you don't understand the plan...at least if I understood what you're saying.

  6. I'll never understand this about the US:

    - Socialize Police
    - Socialize Firefighters
    - Socialize Public Works, highways, waterways, infrastructure etc..
    - SOCIAL security
    etc.. etc..

    But I'll be damned if were going to socialize medicine! What are you some sort of communist?!!!

    Well at least communists don't go bankrupt when someone gets sick.

    I guess the UK, France, Canada et all all got it wrong. Who would want to live in those communist countries!


    Vote for Mccain! (unless you're a commie!)
  7. People like you make me sad. instead of clamoring for your right to get health insurance as in ANY other civilized rich country. you succumb to the mirage of homeopathic/ plant medicine.
    You're not going to ramp up this trading business, it's a talent, it requires contrarian thinking, strong pattern recognition skills and fast decision making. I don't think anyone who's a political hack and thus weak minded and in search of approval able to be a good trader. Both just don't mix. Successful Traders have to be intellectually lonely to bet against the crowd.
  8. Don't kid yourself, if you are votim for Hussein Obama you are not a conservative . And never were to beginn with .
  9. I'm adding the motherfucker that you are to my ignore list, never seen you post anything of value, asshole
  10. It might be that I misunderstood his plan. I guess you didn't read the part of straight republican for the last 8 years.
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