A Rendezvous with Destiny

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  1. This is My JOURNAL. It belongs in the Journals section, and nowhere else. Each entries are a thought to myself, and not for the benefit of anyone else. My goal is to keep myself focused and motivated as I attempt to do my best for those investors who entrusted in me; and as I attempt to get to the next level.

    If you don't understand something, it only means that your Intelligent Quotient hasn't evolved to the point where you could understand it today. That doesn't mean you won't be able to understand it tomorrow.

    I won't be divulging any buy and sells or why the market did this and that. Those are just technicalities, and way too insignificant in what I'm trying to do. This is much much higher level stuff, that 99.99% of the pikers around here will never get to. Thus, if it is over your head, please pack up your shit and move on. If you don't have nothing good to contribute, then don't contribute anything at all.

    I will be updating it as I go on, and on... Stay tuned...

    It was decades past, and I was a high school student taking Advanced Placement classes at the local university, that I stumbled upon a book in the basement of the library where they stack the old unwanted books that no one checks out anymore.

    It was about a man who came to the United States at the turn of the century with nothing but his clothes on the back and a dream, and took the American Economy to a ride where he ended up with one of the largest American fortunes ever, and to be one of the first billionaires the world has ever seen. He created one of the fastest and the largest fortunes ever, in a relatively short period of time and from basically nothing, actually from negative net worth.

    But, unfortunately, he had a relatively young life and his fortune squandered among his many wives and mistresses and his tale is forgotten in the history books, forgotten to the under depths of the most hallowed research libraries. Along with the tales of Carnegies, Fords, and Vanderbilts, one man’s story is forgotten, as if he was erased from the history books. His story is forgotten because he never really showed his hands, he was behind the scenes trader, a financial deal maker, a speculator using his brains and bravado alone, he created one of the largest and the quickest fortunes the history has ever witnessed.

    I also believe his story was forgotten, because he stayed behind the scenes and for his strategies to work, it was important to keep it off the radar. Also, he never courted any attention, and could barely speak English, and of all things, he had a long and strange name as well. Those are some of the reasons why I believe his story is overlooked by history.

    It took me a lot of time, money and effort to understand how the financial markets function so that I could decode and improve upon his operations. And I was able to do so not too long ago. It is up to me now to take his dreams to ever newer and uncharted heights. That is my destiny.
  3. Do you BULLETS?

    My will is stronger and faster than a speeding bullet.

    I'm willing to take one, two, or couple of bullets.

    No amount of bullets can stop me from my destiny.