A reminder to all you imbeciles that didn't want ANY govt intervention

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  1. We're on our knees as it is, so recall the masses of morons that cried out and picketed when TARP was first suggested.

    Yes, I'm well aware that the initial scheme was not used, but that is not what the great unwashed, the great ignorant throngs, objected to. They didn't want ANY bailout of ANYONE but the toothless deadbeats they themselves represented.

    Had that come to pass, you would be on bread lines by now. [​IMG]
  2. The great unwashed... those who know nothing about economics nor financial markets....ask for government bailouts.
  3. Feel free to explain.

    Most of what I have seen so far is companies that got us in this mess using our tax money aka TARP to pay out bonuses and then hoard the rest.

    I actually thought TARP was one of the Palin kids until I finally realized it was the acronym for the bailout money.
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    Too bad that once the government intervention starts it can't be stopped. Everybody in government wants to fix it now and you have idiots like Barney Frank taking center stage. Also, the once independant Fed is now holding hands with the Treasury who is holding hands with Obama. :mad:
  5. It's absolutely mindblowing how much this country has violated the Constitution and principles of our Founding Fathers.

    None of this should have ever happened. The Constitution is plain as day simple, but over the years everytime some politician or wealthy company has wanted something, they just doctored it a little bit here and there.

    Now it is a total farce.

    The Fed shouldn't have existed. The UN shouldn't have existed (well, in any case, we shouldn't be a part of it). So many things were blatantly spelled out and warned against and we totally disregarded them.

    Ah well, fuck it. It will be what it will be.
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  7. It was government intervention that created this recession and now its government intervention thats going to "fix" it. Go figure...
  8. I actually thought TARP was one of the Palin kids until I finally realized it was the acronym for the bailout money.


    What do you use to hold a bank together?

    Duct tarp.
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    You're really just as clueless as the Dumbfucks in Washington.

    A severe purge and breadline economy would be the BEST THING for this Country in 50 years!!

    The vile corruption in Fed Banks that created this mess was only topped by the 9 TRILLION RAPING of public dollars to buy out competition and hoard.

    And we're still not out of it!!!!

    It would have been cheaper to trash the banks, let them all fail, and put 80 million on subsistence Welfare for x years, then bend over and let the Fed Banks take the Country for 9 Trillion (and counting).

    But then Americas most venerable institutions - like Citi Bank and JP Morgan Chase - wouldn't be around.


    This is Capitalism.

    The strong thrive off the weak and stupid.

    Let them FAIL.
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