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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Jun 19, 2003.

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  1. Baron

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    Since there has been some recent "tension" among a few members and our moderators, it's probably a good time to revisit a few basic rules of participating here.


    When you signed up to become a member of the site, you agreed to a very simple set of rules regarding the content of your posts. If your posts violate the terms of our member agreement, your posts will be edited or possibly deleted. If you continually post content that violates our rules, you will be banned.

    It's really very simple. There is a code of conduct here, and if anyone does not want to be accountable to that code, they should not register and participate. And for those who are already members and for whatever reason no longer want to abide by our simple and reasonable rules, they should move to a different online community.

    If a member wants to totally waste their time by posting a bunch of garbage, that's up to them, because I (and the moderators) will not hesitate to hit the delete button. It makes no difference to me whether a person has put countless hours into their posts. I can delete one hundred posts just as fast as I can delete one.

    In terms of warning a user, I can't guarantee that there will be any warnings at all because I don't have time to treat adults like children. Our rules are very simple: No Advertising (unless you are a site sponsor) and No Crude Posts. A crude post includes those posts that contain excessive profanity, personal attacks, vulgarity, sexually explicit content, etc.

    I think we all have a basic sense of when a person has crossed the line. But for those few who are so out of control, or just plain stupid, that they don't know where the line is, the moderators step in and show them where the line is. And again, if any user does not like where we set the line, they are free to either not join this community or they can simply post on other sites where there is more "freedom" to post whatever they want.

    And finally, the most important point of all:

    Elite Trader is not a democracy. It's a Monarchy.... and I'm the KING. If you don't like my rules, too bad! :D
  2. king or queen??? :eek: :eek: either way... Baron is THE Man
  3. TGregg


    You shoulda said ". . . too damn bad!" :D
  4. Yeah and I'm the court Jester! Word!
  5. Let ask this if I may. Do you secretly keep the deleted post somewhere for late use? For example, for possible legal actions or perhaps your (yourself and/or the moderator club) private enjoyment later.
  6. Legal action? You mean a suit brought forth by "they?"

  7. Funny how some seem to forget this plain truth :D
  8. Whamo


    WOW, someone really spun you up! Great quote by the way!!
  9. Where is this delete button ? Can I press it ?
    I do see some mentally disturbed people on this boars but well I think that traders in general are not normal including myself.

    :D :D :D

  10. Bravo!!

    #10     Jun 19, 2003
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