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  1. Hello.

    Kind of tired reading of all the quant/AI/ML/coding hype everywhere :vomit: and that if you're not doing it, you'll be out competed. I'm an old fashioned brain and eyes (along with bits of guts and groins) trader. So just putting it out there and let's see in a couple of years time if I get eaten up by the machines and codes.


    I'll post this year's results after it's updated for the close of this week.

    Quick summary because most TLDR
    - predominantly in futures & FOPs (ES & FX 6's with bits of GC, CL)
    - day trading preferred
    - favorite character gregor the mountain
    - mostly chart reading
  2. Good stats. Why do they end in November of 2016?
  3. mm2mm


    You gotta have some pretty good discipline.
    The holy grail...
  4. Discipline, like alot of so-called 'Golden Trading rules', can be a double-edged sword though, o_O

    I would say The Holy Grail...is more of being open-minded, and kind of constantly applying a hybrid or dynamic approach or viewpoint,
    Because each day, or trade/chart, is truly unique in its own right -- kind of like human personalities and DNA,
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    Legend in the making ...
  6. TKOSTA74


    that makes the two us
    i cannot stand these quant,algo,hft or whatever they call themselves these days.
    i personally don't believe that they will take over the trading world
    i am a day trader, price action specialist and profitable.
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  7. Funny about all these quant guys, they NEVER tell you anything about what they do . Just vague , generalized, buy low sell high bs.

    I say......99% of them made/make money the old fashioned way. They cheat.
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  8. Thanks. I switched focus from indices to 6's because of volatility & life/time changes(in the end it didn't do much lol I'm still addicted whenever major markets are open). Different account, here it is. You can see the quiet transitional period.
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  9. My problem with all this artificial intelligence hype is that just because a few large funds use it really well with their army of highly qualified engineers along with hundreds of millions $ in resources, that the retail plumber dad think they can replicate that by doing some coding on the weekend in between kid's football games on a retail software on a intel i5 laptop..

    You are not moving billions worth of trades, you do not need all that data crunching. All you have to do is choose one buy and sell point that is better the averaged in buy/sell prices of the funds to beat them (at least, the average of them, perhaps not the outliers).

    That being said, like all forms of analysis, I think there are few who do gain advantage of it..It is neither better or worse than reading charts or balance sheets.

    I guess it's the rage these days because it's easy to market and sells books, courses, seminars on it as it's so prevalent in the news, that the the mass will simply follow the fad.
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  10. What are the "6's"? I am guessing you are referring to the CME's currency futures, such as 6E, 6B, 6J?

    Do you care to elaborate on your trading approach/methodology?
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