A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August

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    The last few years in the US have been a mad dash to establish the nanny state before the punch bowl gets removed in 2022. If anyone thinks the "infrastructure" bill has much actual infrastructure in it, then you should read it. And the other bill has been politically labeled "human infrastructure", since the word "infrastructure" has positive associations with the public - but it's largely social spending. Even if you pretend for a second that infrastructure were the goal, who's going to do the work? You have 11 million unfilled jobs right now with an unemployment rate under 5%.

    The pandemic has been the most shocking thing in my lifetime in the US. Medical associations are literally sending out talking points to physicians with pre-scripted social media postings, specific words to use (and not use) when doing PR or having patient contacts and they are spending more time on messaging and PR than actual science and medical fact sharing. Between that, the government mandates and the public snowflakery over the entire thing... the medical community is very tired and ready to throw in the towel. And who could blame them.

    If the US throws another few trillion into the disastrous economic environment this administration continues to build, you will see inflation go through the roof and a level of gov't dependency mirroring Venezuela about midway through their collapse. It seems like that's actually the goal here.
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    your fatal flaw seems to be you believed the talking snake media, as if insurance on a dr/hospital is main part ofhealth care//LOL:D:D
    That's like asking some about health care of car care + you say ''well i have good tow truck/wrecker insurance'' LOL
    Another problem with USa health acre\ i need to lose a few pounds;
    but many more need to lose many pounds..............................................Gov , insurance, VA, Baptist+ Methodist hospitals Mt Sinai can NOT fix that.Sorry i dont have time o list all the junk food =junk health.........................
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    Aanyone wants to make a real contribution to fixing things that re not working well for the American people, they must first get the cause and effects correct. It's a difficult task. For example, the "nanny state" is an effect masquerading as a cause.
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    I am a small business owner, and I spend far less than 1% of my time on "red tape" and taxes are the lowest they've been in decades. UI insurance contributions in most of the 11 states I have employees in have remained constant, but even in the states they've gone up in the total impact to my bottom line is less than a rounding error. These "dozens of small business owners" you know are either:
    1. Grossly incompetent and are fetching around for reasons to blame their failure on,
    2. Parroting talking points from their political tribe, or
    3. Imaginary
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    If you have employees in 11 states, wouldn't that be considered a "medium-sized business"?

    How many employees do you have in total?
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    I have 40, which I consider small still. We have a main office with about half the company and the rest of my employees are spread out across the country. I think the worst state in terms of a UI jump was MA, but even when that rate nearly doubled for a short time it was only a few hundred dollars in extra cost per employee on an annualized basis. If that sinks your company, you were already sunk.
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    Or they could be in the food industry where the majority of the resignation has taken place. But then @Sig is unique. Things that happen to others just don't happen to @Sig. :D
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    Are you having any difficulty hiring? If not then your opinion on why other companies are is no more valid than anyone else’s. Maybe the claims many business are are just them being “grossly incompetent”, overly political or imagining it.

    If you are having difficulty hiring what are your difficulties?
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  10. Great swathes of the US are uneducated Trumpers. The UK has a hardcore of uneducated right wingers too. The just-in-time economy has unravelled. Covid has exposed a great many to another way of life, however. Quality of life over a few $$, or if they seek work they demand better pay for crappy jobs. Truck drivers go bust often, the rewards are terrible. This time people think-' hey I could die next week', I want better than this. Mega corporations and banksters have been sucking the life out of the economy and it's time to get back some level of reward for effort. GDP is a myth, it's just debt to fund artificial and unsustainable 'growth' which never trickles down. We have global warming because we have pursued the $$$$and that has to change.
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