A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August

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    Might be a little too much information on your medical condition....:)
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    Especially when we know that absolute power corrupts absolutely and yet we chose to trust our supply source absolutely to one absolute power. Now we are about to find out how everything will be corrupting absolutely with ourselves as the victim.
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  3. Happening in other western countries as well to be honest.
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    It is one party, not both. Both parties have leadership. But one party is lead by a severe demagogic narcissist. The result is a paralyzed party transformed into a garbage scow of lies floating on a stream of corruption. The other party is overloaded with young, diverse, energetic, and talented leaders but can't get past the garbage scow which has vomited piles of lies into the stream of progress and thoroughly jammed it up.
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  5. %%
    Thanks for telling the truth about Canada gov health system;
    many in US talking snake media are still attempting to promote that............
    [2]But USA still has plenty of programs like Canada's 100 Huntly Street.
    [3] Timber Tariffs on Canadian lumber were dumb + job killers some what:caution::caution:
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    Well how to get past the garbage scow is what's called political experience. Just being young, diverse, energetic and talented doesn't cut it in the political world. You have to have the ability to deal with s*** otherwise you won't make a good leader. If you can't even deal with s*** and get past the garbage scow in your own country, you think you can make it on the international scene dealing with even bigger s***? The United States is not some closed-off country completely isolated in its own little corner; it's a world leader. Its leader is expected to make decisions that lead other countries.
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    The "truth" about Canada's health care system is it's a very good system accessible to everyone. But I do know many like to pretend it isn't in the US; after all, it's some people's way they justify in their heads the disaster that is the US private system. If you doubt this, then you might want to ask yourself why Canadians live 3 years longer then Americans across the board, why our Covid death rate is a third that of the US, and why our out of pocket costs are still so much lower. Some "truths" are undeniable.
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    I like Canadian lumber,spruce, even if its gov owned, 9ender.
    US Senator Max of Montana[Dem], said ACA[socialized med] is a trainwreck. ''
    Like Spock said ''live long + prosper'':caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:,:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:.Thanks
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    That leadership role was lost under Trump, it has to be earned. The Biden administration is moving in the right direction to regain the former status of the U.S. What is easily lost is not, in this case, easily won back.
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    You are mistaken, The ACA is not an example of socialized medicine. THe VA is an example of socialized medicine, and a not particularly good example from what I hear! We have many examples of far more socialized medical care systems than the ACA.

    The U.S. healthcare system is by far the worst in the world among all industrialized nations in terms of cost and outcomes. The ACA, as originally proposed, would have been a great improvement, but still bad. After the Republicans destroyed it, to the extent the courts would allow, it is even worse, but, nevertheless, less terrible than what preceded it.

    There is no satisfactory, totally capitalist medical care system possible. Medical care can not satisfy the fundamental requirements for a "free-market." Of all industrialized nations, Switzerland's medical care system comes as close as possible to a capitalist healthcare system that works. U.S. costs are only twice Switzerland's, but of course Switzerland's care and outcomes are better. The Swiss succeed because of general homogeneity among citizens, though they speak four languages, and extremely rigid regulation of Swiss insurance companies by canton.. The U.S. continues to attempt to create a hybrid market in medical care resulting in the young and healthy being the wards of the for-profit capitalist market and the old, sick and dying the wards of the government.

    The U.S. approach will always be horribly inefficient and a dismal failure. It will never be fixed so long as we continue to deny the obvious. We will continue to introduce changes, each change making the system a little more complex, a little more expensive and inefficient, a little less effective, and a tiny bit less terrible... Most younger people have no clue about U.S. medical care and how truly dismal it is, because they have very few encounters with it..

    Anyone familiar with the U.S. approach to medical care who continues to insist that the private sector can always do things better and more efficient than government should seek psychiatric help.
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