A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August

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    Obviously you didn't read my post. Those low-paying jobs are supposed to be staffed by low-paying robotics. WHERE are Biden's initiatives to develop robotics??!!
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    Can't believe Walmart turned from 98% American-made goods to 98% foreign-made goods in 29 years!! That 29-year period is exactly the amount of time that China took to go from a 3rd world country to now a 1st world superpower. My gosh, we just handed our entire livelihood to a country that doesn't give a s*** about us except to see our "broken heads and bloodshed". LOL And now we have no backup plan on how to rebuild this economy except to borrow infinitely to build some roads and bridges like back in 1950's while China is building nano biological weapons targeting our race.

    Really puts the George Floyd incident (not that the incident should be condoned) into perspective doesn't it?
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  3. %%
    Mr. Trump's Tariffs+Trump vaccine did more harm than the promoting lazy=pay to stay.
    But pay to stay maybe a good thing , many lazy will not live to collect social security:caution::caution:
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    Your not wrong, just like the 2017 tax cuts in a roaring economy were a horrible idea.

    Two things to consider: One, there is agreement to taper https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...aper-starting-in-mid-november-or-mid-december and two, it's dangerous to conflate the market and the economy. They can be two very different things.
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    It's not just the US giving away their manufacturing. The Philippines was an emerging market whose manufacturing went from 40% to 16% of the economy in 20 years. And, their per capita is half of China's.

    If the US had diversified its manufacturing and supply sources across the world, everyone would have been richer for it and we would not be in the same mess right now.
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    Apparently you have never heard about MIT (made-in-Taiwan), or MIM (made-in-Malaysia). A lot of these stuff I bought at Walmart in the 1990s were either MIT or MIM.
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    My wife's cardiologist, who is in his early 50s, just quit this year.

    I have been shopping for a primary care physician for sometime as my previous doc moved away, and to my surprise, many physician who are still listed in my issuance are not working anymore.
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    The stock market has made it possible for high wage earners to retire even earlier. I had to close my firm at age 55, never planned to retire that early but it's five years later and I don't see myself going back to work.
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    I have. MIT used to be the norm and occasionally MIM until China took over.
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    Yes agreed. Just like everything else, we shouldn't have put all of the eggs in one basket and concentrated on using just one supply source. We should've diversified. It only took a deadly pandemic for us to realize that. Amazing!
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