A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August

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    The name of the game is debt debasement. First you inflate goods with stimulus spending, then you inflate wages through lockdowns and vaccine mandates, then you deflate the value of the dollar, and all of a sudden, nobody cares about 28T in debt.
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    Are you reading news, a vast majority of the problem is in those trump states where pay to stay was withdrawn. It has got nothing to do with biden or trump. Wage inflation displaces low paying businesses.
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    The burnout is real. I have been running the numbers to see if I could tell the wife she is good to pack it in and stay home and relax. She provides the health benefits for us, and has a health issue so going without is not an option. She was always a solid 60 hours a week, but now with no exaggeration she is hitting 80 + a week and this has been over a year now.
    As far as the vaccine, she has had 2 employees now quit over the mandate. One went to work for her son, and no idea what the other is going to do. In terms of other employees one has a husband who is a Master electrician and is doing very well, while one other has a husband who is cardiologist, so she is pretty well set also. The others are a mystery, but are gone.
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    It's sad to say that you can measure how severe or deadly the Pandemic has been based upon the number of hours the Doctors and Nurses have been working.

    I have siblings that work in the medical field in different areas of the United States and France plus my girlfriend works in the medical field.

    All of them had work hours so demanding (e.g increasing from 50 to 85 hours work weeks)...they had to make life-changing adjustments in their personal lives to be able to work that type of work week...often many consecutive weeks.

    For example, my brother (a Doctor in South Dakota) bought a 2nd home with a guest house that was only two blocks away from the hospital just so that he and his family can be near each other.

    My niece has asthma and it was a no-brainer for my brother to get fully vaccinated and the same for his entire family as an extra layer of protection just in case someone in the family has a breakthrough infection. If that had happened...that's when the guest house becomes valuable as a quarantine location.

    My sister (an ER nurse) was so burnout, she tried the traveling nurse in which she would go to other hospitals in different states to work the same hours but for outrageous pay like 4k - 8k per month.

    She didn't do it for just the money but did it that she was given two-week break between one location to the next location. She refers to those two-week breaks as a sabbatical period. Then there's the increasing issue (not discussed) of suicides and mental breakdowns for healthcare workers during this Pandemic.

    The doctors are not all right

    Doctors need mental health support, but the medical profession often punishes them for getting it.

    By Julia Belluz@juliaoftoronto Jun 23, 2021, 5:00am EDT


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    Well, all of it, turned out for good then. Many lives have been lost, but a lot of potential was saved.

    Some of those people might have ended in the jobs that they hate (remained there after the lockdown is over), yet, maybe, some of them decided that enough is enough.

    You change after a tragedy, or, when you're done with the old way of living.
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    And all this I predict will lead to crash bigger than the last one
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    Keep predicting and eventually you will be proven right. Let us know when predicting is following by action. If your prediction eventually pans out you will be a guest on CNBC. There are a whole bunch of widow maker trades. This could be one of them. e.g. shorting Japanese bonds for the last 20 years.
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    Many people who been taking many lower wage jobs through the years though have less than favorable education, felons, disabled or live in areas where production does not exist much like Florida. Plus, USA has turned into a service orient than manufacturing before USA started buying foreign made goods when old man Sam Walton died. Those of us old enough should remember his Walmart commercials saying 98% of his stores had American made goods, he died and kids took over and America is in the shithole of life cause we let China become enormously rich on us.

    People have to eat and live, you don't want a low paying job, get educated.
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