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  1. Ok barron I get the point, please don't delete this one though, just want to round up those last questions... Thanks

    I typed this but there was no thread....

    :D I pop out for an hour n u all go crazy!!

    Dat, "specialise" "specialize" I do have a spell checker WinWord has both listed, but if you check back you'll see I’ve changed it just for you DATTrader..

    Don Bright, First off I love reading your articles in TA magazine there always interesting & resourceful.

    "Why bother with a website, it it's working so well, just trade, make money, be happy" - I have current advertising deals which pay not a great deal, but enough to cover costs of data fees, commissions etc. So when I end the day flat I actually end it flat. I am the kind of person who would buy something for $5 & sell it for $6 if you know where I am coming from.

    The threads just been deleted, I can't remember what else has been posted... Do you want to re-post your comments?

    Thanks Guy
  2. Oh I remember I said "Profitability Guaranteed" Please note this NOT posted on the site, & yes it was a silly thing to say as nobody can predict the future!

    What I was trying to get across is, looking at the previous performance record, you can average out how much you’re making & pretty much have a good idea for future results. So not guarantying but a good % certain.
  3. <i>The threads just been deleted</i>

    I would say get used to it. You have to pay to not be deleted.
  4. thug, this is Baron's tent. he gets to preach it anyway he likes. this is *obvious* spam.

  5. Magna

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    Thug, as you have 125+ posts, and you don't pay a penny, not sure I understand.....obviously most of what you say doesn't get deleted? :confused:

    In any case, be a little more positive, make a contribution, rather than trying to tear things down with every post. Thanks.
  6. magna, you made the point so perfectly! enuf said.

  7. I meant HE has to pay to not be deleted.

    I invite you to you read through my posts, you will see that I am (or at least try to be) a contributing member.

    Many of my posts have been deleted. Critisize an advertiser...get deleted. Critisize a guru.....get deleted. Ask Baron an objective question.....get deleted. It gets hard to stay "positive" after a while.

    Believe it or not, I like this site very much. It has really taken the place of siliconinvestor. The knowledge base is great.

    I believe that rampant censorship does not benefit anyone. It's Baron's site; he will do as he wishes. But I am still free to disagree with him, and I will continue to do so.
  8. i have to disagree thug. i think baron does a fine job of running his site fairly and objectively. in fact i see him tolerating a heck of a lot of BS & spam etc. the line b/w what is spam and what is a legit contribution are often not clear, i think he bends over backward in an attempt to protect freedom of speech here, it's not an easy job. he tolerates a lot of crap in my opinion, and at some point the hard decisions must be made. i think he's more than fair.

    sincerely, baron great job here. thanks.

  9. Magna

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    Ok, but he's promoting a website (where I presume he makes money by the number of hits/views or click-thrus), so why shouldn't he pay Baron?

    I know, I remember a number of your posts, but lately you seem to be taking a real negative spiral in the tone, the sarcasm, etc.

    And many of your posts haven't. As you flip back thru other people's posts you'll see scores that criticize this or that, and weren't deleted.

    I believe you. And, as you can tell, I along with many other people like it alot too.

    I don't think there's anything close to "rampant censorship", but it's clear that Baron has drawn the line in the sand against rampant recruiting, rampant plugging of websites, rampant commercialism by people unwilling to pay for the privilege, etc. And I applaud that.
  10. once again magna, you put it so well! i am slowly becoming your biggest fan. :-D

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