a rebuttal to ET 'doom & gloomers': Trading Opportunities could NOT BE BETTER!!!

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  1. a rebuttal to ET 'doom & gloomers': Trading Opportunities could NOT BE BETTER!!!...there has been so much 'doom and gloom', "the sky is falling" posting here lately...there could not be BETTER trading opportunities in the market now...consider this:

    1-so the market tanks...go short!
    2-want variety...try options, stocks, FTF's, futures, emini indexes, commodities (gold, oil, Bonds etc.)
    3-I am excited as I look forward to next week to trade...research all the stuff over the weekend...not concerned over any economic numbers...I can win over this through strategic trading...
    4-change your thinking from 'glass half empty' to 'glass half full'
    5-there are literally thousands of trading opportuinties out there...do your research and if need be...SHORT the whole market...BUT...remember this...YOU ARE NEVER, NEVER, EVER AT THE MERCY OF A FALLING MARKET...WHETHER IT IS THE DOW, OIL, BONDS, US DOLLAR ETC....JUST FLOW WITH IT!!!
    ...the sun is rising!!!..the clouds are leaving!!
  2. Your account is South of $1,000. I'll double it if you leave quietly.
  3. not mine...many need this encouragment...let them read!
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    how do u know tomorrow will be better because in the past it has recovered?

    how do u know tomorrow will be worse just because the past says so ?

    you can't know the future.
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    They guy who averages 30 questions each day, is now dispensing information.:eek:
  6. Why not? That's the fundamental philosophy on how BullN'Bear Analytics was formed!
  7. uhhh...then SHORT any market you feel 'gloomy' about...exactly my point...come on...
  8. LOL,

    I predict DOOM and MORE DOOM.

    But, it is a great market to be trading, either by "Day Trading" or swing trading. You can actually make money on both sides, if you choose.

    So, in a sense the Volatility is great for traders. Not so good for "Johnny paycheck and Sally Real Estate Agent's 401k.

    But, you are correct, volatility has created a lot of opportunities to trade.
  9. exactly...tell the market what to do and not the market tell you what to do..yes, if your buy and hold or Johnny 401k...then you only want market-UP...bought strategi trading is 'shorting' when the time is strategic...great post
  10. There is a difference between saying economic or market conditions are bad in the sense of a falling market, econ numbers etc. and saying that the market can't be traded.

    Obviously it can be traded under any circumstances, and imo bigger intraday swings are better.
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