A reason for Manufacturing to come back to the US

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  1. Despite high costs and environmental regulations, maybe America should market it's workers as less likely to blow up a company, kidnap a CEO or kill a manager?

    Killing of China steel plant boss halts sale

    Fired French Workers Win Improved Pay Offer After Bomb Threat

    CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers
  2. Perhaps the continuing decline of the $$ should entice more manufacturing to locate in the USA do to the favorable exchange rate? I do wonder this: With China's outright refusal to allow the Yuan to Float against other currencies, and the $$ continuing to decline relative to all currencies(execpt the Zimbabwean $$) will China's obstinance become untenable at some point?
  3. You assume US citizens will continue to be sanguine and passive.
    Some say the (U.S.) riots are coming.
  4. If they look to states where unions are least powerful with least government intervention, they should be fine. Alabama is one state that's good. Michigan is a state to stay away from.
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    The bankers should be encouraging US production and jobs. That is the only thing that is going to save their bacon.
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    Unions are insignificant in most states. However if you have a lot of uneducated, stupid people it will cost more to train them.

  7. People keep saying that but if a weak currency is essential to establish a significant industrial base why is Germany still export nation nr 1 worldwide?

    Could it be an Audi or a Volkswagen is quality and a Chrisler is just lesser in quality and that is one of the reasons for America's eroded industrial base?

    That's a tougher cookie to fix then just debase the $ but well worth some tought regardless.
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    In America there is no substitute for cheap.
  9. Good Point! Debaser
    I understand that German corporations that manufacture goods for export are not taxed on the profits derived from such exported goods. I have heard that Japan extends the same tax subsidy to its home corporations. This puts the USA at a huge disadvantage in terms of competitiveness. There is no language in the WTO that prohibits this, as far as I know. Why the Democrats
    in DC maintain the status quo with respect to saddleing US manufacturers with onerous taxes on exports is somewhat
    baffling to me.