A REALLY inconvenient truth

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  1. Prepare for the onslaught from the resident atheists.
  2. I hate atheists, for one big reason

    if they don't fucking believe in god, on what fucking shit do they base the idea of morals, ethics, and humanity on?

    see I don't believe in god, but I don't believe in ethics, morals, humanity and bullshit like that either. And I fucking don't call myself an atheist, because there's no fucking reason to brag about it
  3. Err .... no it doesn't. Read what it actually says before inserting foot in mouth.

    What it does say is that the % of CO2 emitted by human activity that remains in the atmosphere has remained almost constant with possibly a small uptrend. This in no way implies that CO2 emissions due to human activity are decreasing. They are of course still increasing.

    The Keeling curve is still universally accepted, and this paper in no way contests that. And CO2 is still a greenhouse gas.