A really good example of bad money management

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by Artie21, Oct 5, 2006.

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    He began with 20 million, ran it up to 27, then lost over 5 in the last quarter. All the trades are detailed. Look at the EMC shorts and look at the chart. What was he thinking? It clealry made a reversal in early August but the guy instead of covering, loaded up more.

    Its sad when someone takes so long to realize he is wrong.
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    Come on, who hasn't added to a losing position? You only have to do it once...
  3. ror, he was on the other side of mine and zizzo's trades, hee hee.
  4. What about that Eifuku fund that lost 90% in a week? Is it really pertinent to discuss "fat tails" when your broker/clearing firm holds all the cards when the shit starts to hit the fan?

    Yes dear Liza, the market IS out to get you!