A real trader posting real trades to benefit newcomers.

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    I want to start a thread to post my trades in a consistent manner so that I can give some of the new comers in this game some confidence.

    If a reader can check this thread once a day he or she should be able to follow the entry and exit. I put my exit target the moment I put in the entry point. I have no stop loss preset, and I rarely take stop losses (yeah, whoever want to educate me on this, you can shut up now, and give me your education after following this thread for at least one month), but I do take stop loss when circumstance arise, very rarely though. I add on to losing positions at a preset price, but I might change the preset price based on market conditions and my reading of it. I might just cut the losing position.

    I trade several accounts, capital ranging from 4k to 100k. Sometimes I will put in opposite positions in different accounts to offset the risk. I normally will exit both opposite positions profitably, the difference is the size of the profit.

    Some background about myself. I started trading ES in 2007. On and off due to my other projects and traveling. I made some and lost some more. But now I think I have made it.

    What I trade now: ES, YM, NQ, CL, GZ, RTY. I do not like any particular instrument, I size my trade based on the condition of the market. I trade very conservatively, i.e., in a 100k account, I typically trade one contract, sometimes two of each individual instrument. I normally will not over leverage to more than 5-6 contracts of these in such an account. I strive to achieve 15% per month.

    The most fatal problem of any new trader is undercapitalized. However, if you are new, even if you have a lot of money in your account, you do not understand the potential risk of overleveraging, you will still kill yourself.

    End of intro. New trade in next post when I get the time to put into my own account.
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    Looks like this could be a good thread...good luck!!
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    another account:
    buy 1 ES 2893.50, target 2914.25
    buy 1 GGCZ8 1197.40 target 1209

    so far so much;
    new traders, just observe, do not trade your own account following my trade unless you know what you are doing.
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    great Mister.

    seems like you are using Gaincapital broker? I recognised your working orders screengrab.

    To make your postings more useful for the audience, could you please include time you entered the trade.

    are you doing day or swing trading?
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  6. Umm Z is the front month contract now.

    as in YMZ18, RTYZ18 etc.
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    Moving this to the Journals forum as it's more appropriate there.
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    As our king positional trader B1S2 would say, that could be a problem for journal integrity purposes. Not to mention it is hard to offset 100K with 4K. Probably a better idea if you stick to just one account, but hey it is your journal and my popcorn...

    Anyhow, can we get a start out base line for those accounts? Also, what are your goals for each account and how the last few years have been? Since you want to share...
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    Sorry no time yet to reply to questions--and some questions will become obsolete anyway. Just a update of fills, cancels, and changes.
    YMU8 order, replaced with:
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