A Real trader doesn't like arguing on ET, Why?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by OddTrader, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. A Real trader doesn't like arguing on ET, Why?

    Because the markets already taught Real traders too much about the results of arguing (aka: different opinions)?

    Just my personal observations! :D
  2. The difference between ET et-al and the markets, based on your post, is that ET arguments and otherwise discussions take tangential and/or offending turns. The market on the other hand, merrily moves along, without prejudical or personal motive.
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    Is that your argument?
  4. I have another comment about this that may interest you Oddtrader

    I think traders, those who actually pull the trigger on a trade that is, know that they have to rely on their own data and research if they are going to get anywhere. Newbies and trolls on the other hand are going to want to see if they can get something for nothing from another trader...

    My best example is the so called "knowledge" challenge from Trader666. I was challenged even though I don't use the Hershey system to "display my knowledge." As it turns out the other person Trader666, didn't even have the skills of a junior high school kid....What they wanted was to provoke me (anybody actually) into disclosing how they trade.

    Ironically, this succeeded and they are busily trying to test Jack Hershey's system. The resulting code is going to be posted...

    Interestingly, those who cannot make it work and have been disrupting the site for months, will then have a workable code they can use to automate their own trading..or as the basis for their own system development....lol

    From my point of view it is the best display of con artists at work, that I have seen in years.

    As I have said before, this place is a wasteland and unless we get trolls of the site or learn to ignore them, nothing of value will get discussed here....

    By the way, for those who don't know Schlap is Trader28' latest alias. I suggest we don't reply to his posts.

    Your choice of course

  5. schlap

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    Thanks Turdo :p
  6. eagle


    If not on ET, so they still like to argue elsewhere, right? :D

    Beside kidding, who used to argue will also have a tendency to argue with the market. Arguing with Mr. Market then you know the rest...

  7. Surdo


    Send us your best meats and cheese!
  8. Ah yes, Mr. Market, "Bring me your best meats and cheeses" :D
  9. I get bad "JUJU" when I argue and try to talk shit around these places.

    It also is a waste of time and I turn a positive potential market nugget into a pissing contest.

    Just trade...make money and be grateful you are not a corp bitch having to put on that neck tie....i mean noose each morning
  10. I think thats about it for the day folks

    I am outa here....:D

    Oh and nice try Trader28 except that I copied your post con artist....

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