A Real Survey on Pro Platform

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alphaonetrader, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Please let me know your thoughts on Pro Platforms that you believe are the Best and the reason behind your opinion. I'm looking to switch out of my current platform which is Assent Anvil and move to a another platform, (for personal reasons not fee based) I'm looking for one which handles equities, options & etfs.

    I've heard many on this board talk about
    Interactive brokers, but they complain about their charting software and the extra fees incurred with them. I've heard of RediPlus and how it used to be great but now has fallen off the mark. There is Hold Brothers Grey Box, Sungard Brass Pro, ThinkorSwim (more retail based) and Tradestation.

    Please let me know I am switching platforms and brokers end of this month.
    I appreciate all your feedback.
  2. have a look at tradevec.com i use it. m
  3. nidarian


    I dont think you can trade Equities yet on tradevec. Futures and Forex is all i see...