a real stench around CFC debt here

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. you've been warned by the master
  2. And now the FBI is investigating for fraud.

    I gave it to you on a silver platter.

    Notice not one of you even commented.

  3. I've been calling for Mozillos tanned head for a very long time.

    Maybe we get it.


    "You talkin' to me?"
  4. CFC preferred down 20% since my call in two days.

    Glad ya had it.

    Ya got nuts posting 10 page diatribes here, and I give ya an easy way to make a quick score in one line.

    I vote myself the Mother Theresa award.

    I know you all sold your junk and got down on this candy.
  5. Now this has got to be the 10th time at least I've given you dimwits a clear and golden play.

    Go back and look.

    I may do it again, and I may not.
  6. thanks for your info stock....my broker simply had none available to short. I've been trying to do it for weeks now. Same story with ABK and TMA..tried to short TMA at $7, boy wouldn't THAT have been a sweet one...but by all means, keep throwing bones up here, I'll gnaw on them whenever I can... :)
  7. The call was actually on the debt, as in preferred stocks which cratered over 20%.

    Many here think a preferred stock is one you like.
  8. why dont you nibble on 777's penis......just beware of probable disease
  9. umm, mister steelhead, i simply do not how my saying someone has made a good call is reason to engage in ad hominem attacks on me. I imagine that you have just, in your moment of inexplicable assholeishness, generated a large amount of negative karma which will surely be coming your way somewhere down the line. Have a lovely day.
  10. nibbler, don't pay it no mind.

    There are many wankers here at ET, many of whom I've outed for their idiocy and penny stock frauds.

    So they get real jealous when my calls work out.
    #10     Mar 11, 2008