A Real Role Model of "Family Values"!??

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  1. Yep......... once again the hypocrits who claim good judgment and a monopoly on faith, character and so-called family values.... again show how they lead (NOT) by example! Palin's UNWED SEVENTEN YEAR OLD daughter is pregnant OUT OF WEDLOCK and it looks like a SHOTGUN wedding is in store. Who.... you ask.... will be holding the shotgun? Well none other than our potential next vice president of the USA.

    I don't now about anyone else but I AM SO f-king sick of republican right wing conservatives purporting to know the best way to live one's life and what values we should hold dear... when they repeatedly demonstrate contempt for the values and judgment of millions and millions of other fellow Americans in this Country, and THEN select as their VP choice a woman being investigated for abuse of power and whose idea of "family values" is having a SEVENTEEN year old daughter knocked up !

    Condoms anyone? Oh wait..... IF republican conservatives use condoms they go to HELL...!

    Maybe we will get these bible-thumping losers to nominate a reformed pedophile priest next time.

    Do as I SAY not as I DO should be the new slogan for the republican right!
  2. Just imagine if Cinton's daughter had gotten pregnant in the same circumstances. What the F do you think all these hypocrite republican right-wing zealots who purport to live by so-called family values, and who are now rallying around Sarah Pallin and saying "NO BIG DEAL" would have said about Clinton???! Do you not think they would have jumped all over Clinton! They would not have had the class that Obama has shown by staying consistent on his view that some things are off-limits in political elections. These republican right-wingers are are pitiful hypocrites like most bible-thumping snake-oil salesmen are!
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    Amen to both of these posts - this is an atrocity. I feel insulted by the Republican party at this outrage. First it was Britney's slut sister, now this. Teen pregnancy is a MAJOR problem, and should not be glamorized in such a spotlight, and especially from the Republican party. They would have completely roasted Chelsea Clinton had this heppened to her. now the conservative "family values" party has put their stamp of approval on teenage pregancy and children born out of wedlock? This absolutely makes me sick.
  4. Teen pregnancy is a MAJOR problem


    To who? Me? You? They get benes, health care. Teens usually have a parent(s) who want a grand kid. The teen pregnant girl doesn't view this as a major PROBLEM. Neither does the father, if he is around. This is a small blip in their immature life.

    Some of those teens have pretty neat babies in spite of the hardship. God has a way of compensating.

    Father and mother are destined to low economic status, so what, MCD is hiring with flex hours.
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    See Ice,
    I see the other side of your statement,(while am Rep and pro-choice). I don't condone teen pregnancy, babies having babies only makes my taxes go up, because you and I are going to pay for that kid in the form of WELFARE!! Well maybe not in this case.
    As someone else posted Teen Preg is rampant, but it has nothing to do with Palin's ability to run in office.
    And as far as Family Values and principles, I guess we just don't see the same thing.
    Keeping the baby in this case(could be a different event altogether)means accepting your mistake and sticking to principles!That is why i respect her. Not because her teen daughter got knocked up.
    Look at BO, mother had him at 18, witha different ethnic person.
    What does that have to do with being a VEEP?
  6. OMG..... Palin getting torn apart by CNN.. they are on the attack big time!!!!
  7. Listen! You made some good points! And I was just tyring to make a point myself.

    I don't care if she gets pregnat at age 17 BUT I AM sick of these people (like sarah palin) going around with their self-righteous 18th C. value system and hypcrisy. I am sick of religion and politics being mixed when we have a f-king Constituion that for a sound reason proclaims that religion and state should be kept separate! Yet these bible-thumping hypocrites continue to want to change that and change what the founding fathers adopted for good reason.

    If they want to live a life that they think is superior to others I say BRAVO. But then I also say lead by example. Don't try to cram down others throats your beliefs. I want the republican right-wingers to WALK the walk NOT just talk the talk!!!!!! When a priest is a pedophile these same losers are the first to cover that up and defend it. Hypocrites!
  8. Yep let's give sarah palin a TV show and let her display her self-righteous misguided views on how we all should live in the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY! Yep just what we need in the Oval office some misfit who wants the separation of church and state to go away. She knows more than the founding fathers.
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  10. Palin's pick and the ensuing small-town scandals that keep dripping out reminded me of a sitcom but I couldn't quite nail it down until I included two shows together.





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