A quote from George Bush, June 28, 2000

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  1. Bush said today that he would bring down gasoline prices by creating enough political good will with oil-producing nations that they would increase their supply of crude. “I would work with our friends in OPEC to convince them to open up the spigot, to increase the supply. Use the capital that my administration will earn, with the Kuwaitis or the Saudis, and convince them to open up the spigot.”

    Source: Katherine Q. Seelye, NY Times Jun 28, 2000
  2. Here is another one from Bush in 2000, when he was lying his way to the presidency:

    Q: The Energy Secretary said he would not tap US strategic petroleum reserves in order to drive down prices saying those reserves are for emergencies. But given the shortages that exist, do you consider this an appropriate time to tap those reserves?

    A: No, I don’t. I agree with the energy secretary that the strategic petroleum reserve is meant for a national wartime emergency. What I think the president ought to do is get on the phone with the OPEC cartel and say we expect you to open your spigots. One reason why the price is so high is because the price of crude oil has been driven up. OPEC has gotten its supply act together and it’s driving the price, like it did in the past. And the president must jawbone OPEC members to lower the price. And if in fact there is collusion amongst big oil, he ought to intercede there as well.
    Source: GOP Debate in Manchester NH Jan 26, 2000
  3. Ron Paul has busted him on his lies.
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    Psssttt, hey ZZzzZzzzzzz,

    Bush isn't running for re election.

  6. If he were, the same dumbazzzes would vote for him again...those same dumbazzzes will back McCain.

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    You're just sore 'cause you know Hillary isn't going to get the nod, and Hussein Obama will flame out against McCain.
  8. Quote from ZZZzzzzzzz on 4-9-08

    Republicans don't even elect black republicans to congress and the senate, so the republican party is in essence telling all the black republicans that they are not qualified to be senators or congressmen, or that the white republicans won't vote for them...racism is the most reasonable conclusion.


    JC Watts...a former Option QB from Oklahoma....so...your wrong...

    Watts was elected to the U.S. Congress from the fourth district of Oklahoma in 1994. In 1998, he was elected by his peers to serve as chairman of the Republican Conference, the fourth-ranking leadership position in the majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a member of Congress, Watts served for eight years on the House Armed Services Committee and later on the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. Watts was the author of President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiative, the Community Solutions Act of 2001, and developed legislation with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) to establish a Smithsonian museum of African American history.

    Edward William Brooke III (born October 26, 1919) is an American politician and was the first African American to be elected by popular vote to the United States Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966, defeating his Democratic opponent, Endicott Peabody, 58%–42%. He was also the first African American elected since Reconstruction, and would remain the only person of African heritage sent to the Senate until Democrat Carol Moseley Braun in 1993.

  9. Who are the current black republicans in the house and the senate in D.C.?

    I prefer to deal with current and consistent reality, not the past flukes and deviations from the norm...

  10. So you are on record that Obama will flame out.

    You are also on record for supporting Bush, claims of WMD in Iraq, and the whole klannish neocon line...

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