a quik easy language question if i may

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  1. i can not test this as i am not a tradestation user, but i like to make something 100% ts compatible. i use tradesignal which is easy language compatible but some reserved words are just slightly different, my software does not support this command, it will give me the correct value if using it as highd(N) but within a loop, there it somehow fails and keeps giving last day high
    even if within those N-days there is a higher high somewere.

    will value1 give me the highest daily high and value2 the lowest
    daily low in a intraday-chart of the N days in tradestation ?
    i like to find a way to recieve the highest daily high/close
    or lowest daily low/close without having to use data2.

    if date > date[1] then begin
    value1 = 0;
    value2 = 999999;
    for i = 1 to N do begin
    value1 = maxlist( value1, highd(i) );
    value2 = minlist( value2, lowd(i) );

    is it possible to use a loop for the D-data's in tradestation even tough those values are saved within an array ?
  2. bump...

    anyone who can let me know if this command will give me
    the disired outcome