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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by matija, Jun 22, 2006.

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  2. i think it should be $10 for us data, u can rebate 'em if your total commish for the month are $30; if u wish to have L2 u will be payin' another $20 [not rebatable] and $50 for nyse open book [non pro], not rebatable also.
  3. matija


    I am more interested in european stocks, and canadian, maybe anyone can help me?If I understand it correctly I will habe to pay a minimum of 3 dollars to IB every month+ all oter commissions?
    Maybe 5 euros for Euronext Data Bundle- Level I (Stocks level 2 - Equity Derivatives level 1)?
    Am I right?
  4. Gustaf


    If you dont have any commission you have to pay $3.
    Commisisons net from the fee.

    So if u trade a total commission of $5 then you dont pay any $3 fee.

    Same for bundled "free" market data but $30 commission needed.

  5. matija


    So I have (becaus I am outside the US)bundeled costs, and had 4 euros in commission, would I still have to pay 3 $? How and how much would I have to pay if I didn't pick any market data subscriptions
    for the data for my stock, is it free or is it delayed or would I be charged?
    please help
  6. Gustaf


    Your 4£ in commission should take out the $3 fee.
    If you dont have any data subscription att all you dont have to pay any commission for this month.

    If you select the "free" data subscription you need to bring in $30 in commission to be free from fee's.