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    I have one laptop and one desktop. I have a good page setup on TWS on my desktop and I want to have the same pages on my desktop. Which files I should copy and pates in jts folder so that I get the same pages on my desktop too. Thanks.
  2. You don't have to save files anymore. Simply click the "use/store settings on server" option in the FILE menu and TWS will download your settings from any computer you login from.
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    It involves checking "Use/store settings on server" on the log in screen. Since I did this 2+ years ago and my recollection for the exact sequence is sketchy, my advice is to call tech support. They walked me through it in a few minutes.
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    Interesting. Several months back tech support insisted I uncheck the save on server box.

    You should be able to replicate between the two machines by copying the IBJts directory between machines (at least on unix-like boxen)
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    Masny thanks for everyone who shared his knowledge. I checked the use/store settings on the server and I will login to my desktop tonight to see whether I get the same settings or not. I will also call them to make sure that this setting has no side effects.
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    It's easier than that. As rluser noted, there is a directory named IBJts (for browser based) or Jts (for standalone). Within that, are subdirectories with nonsense names like darykq (that's the one for edemo). There will be one such for each login you have ever used. Within that subdirectory, doubleclick on executions.txt to see recent executions. Each line will have you account number in it. Then copy the entire directory from your source computer to the corresponding place on the destination computer. It's very easy, but if you screw it up, just delete the subdirectory and start over.
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    I will also try that. I have browsed that directory a few times but I was not sure which files I should copy. As you said, I won't lose much even if I screw them up. I will have a back up of the directory in case. Thanks.
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    I think you might have those reversed.
    I agree that only the 'nonsense name' directory need be copied for compatible versions of TWS. Nice tip on checking the executions.txt
  9. I run into this all the time. Especially since I have 100+ positions and have to organize them according to type.

    The best trick is not to save on the server, but to export and then import the settings. This is especially effective since I have paper accounts, and secondary user accounts. They can all have the same look and feel...
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    Great. It worked as you said. Here is the way to do it in steps in case others want to repeat it.
    On my laptop, on File menue, I seleted "save settings as" and then on the pop-up window, I typed "laptopsettings" and then saved it. it made a file in dfujgowvr folder with that name. dfujgowvr is a subfolder in jts folder. Then I copied that in a flash drive and pasted in the same directory on my desktop
    Then on my desktop, on file menue on TWS , I selected restore settings.. and in the popup menue I selected laptopsettings and bang, it worked. Then I clicked save settings and now both PCs are the same. Thanks. I learned from everyone.
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