A question to Iranian Americans

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  1. Protests abound in many of the worlds capitols with regard to the
    squashing of basic rights of humankind in Iran. The question that comes foremost in my mind is weather Iranian nationals around the word will conscript a fighting force and retake their homeland in the name of Freedom and Democracy? Let's not kid ourselves here. The hardliners are not going to back off without a fight--to the death if need be. Nonviolent protest are fine-so long as your adversary has a civilized conscience. If your adversary is maniacal
    and tyrannical you can peacefully engage in civil disobedience
    as your throat is being slit. In the very least I believe covert arm shipments into Iran to arm a counter revolutionary army would
    at least give this new movement a fighting chance.
  2. bronks


    Best if you know the temperament of the dog. There's no guarantee that if you have a hand in feeding the overthrow, it won't get bitten at a later time.

    Which, for some reason in the Mid-East, seems to happen over and over and over...
  3. It might help the cause if the USA threw a few battleships over there
  4. keep dreaming, america initiates alot of projects but never completes any, let alone completing and succeeding in them
  5. The mullahs will use any means neccessary to remain in power.

    This is starting to look real ugly. New generation of Iranians

    apparently fed up with the so-called theocracy, which is

    nothing more than a fascist state.

    Since the 1979 overthrow of the Shah, the level of

    terrorism has risen in the Middle East and this gov't

    is to blame for a lot of it. Khomeini calling US the great

    satan and so forth. Good luck to the ordinary Iranian.