A question from a newbie about SKF

Discussion in 'Trading' started by th3414, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. th3414


    Having a hard time figuring out entry points for the Ultrashort proshares financials ETF. Been using 5, 3, 3 Stochastics and BBands along with astute (or not, apparently) observation of XLF and commons. Tend to get hurt in very volatile markets. Is this a discipline problem or am I missing something? Trying to get a handle on it. Any suggestions? Thank you to all.
  2. if you tend to get hurt in volatile markets then why are you trying to trade a very volatile stock? and remember this thing is just gonna trade the opposite of the XLF with a lot more whips.
  3. th3414


    thanks for the reply. I am aware of the goal of the SKF, 2X inverse return of XLF, but I took your advice and I am staying out of it and sticking to the underlying financials. Actually had a decent day clocking quarters in LEH. Appreciate the wake up call.