A question for tradestation users?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wartrace, Apr 28, 2009.

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    So the software is included with the account? I was aware of the new site but wanted to be sure I would have access to the tradestation software, especially the optionstation software.
  3. Yes,
    the software is included if you do xx shares /month trading i believe. I'm not too sure about options software though. Better to ask them.

  4. Its about $250 a month with fees. $99 is the base rate that you get comped if you trade enough during the month.

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    Tradestation as of Friday 5/1/09 will no longer have a stable platform to auto-trade on, which is particularly upsetting to many of its long-term clients. They are pulling their oldest release to make supporting their product easier but in the process losing clients.

    They potentially have a great product and service, but they keep mucking it up with their various unreliabilities.

    I love their backtesting and programming capabilities, but if I was a newbie and wanted a stable platform and planned to program in a proprietary programming language, I would go with Esignal rather than Tradestation.
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    I would say, yeah it's about $250 a month for data and minimum trading fees. They charge you 100 bucks if you don't trade at all. You have to do 10 round turns a month to avoid that platform fee.