A question for those who use Ensign for charting and IB for data

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  1. A few months ago, I switched from eSignal to Ensign, with IB as the data feed. I'm generally pleased, although admittedly there have been a few IB data issues recently. (One of the reasons I switched from eSignal is because the data almost always lagged during heavy trading, such as immediately following an FOMC announcement.)

    Here is my issue. I notice that when I do a manual refresh on Ensign (say, ALT+1), the OHLC of a few of the price bars occasionally change from what they were before the refresh. More often than not this change is innocuous. However, from time to time, I have found that what was previously a setup is no longer a setup for me because of the change in the configuration of the price bars. And vice versa. This feels a bit like driving on ice. I trade ES almost exclusively using 1-minute charts.

    As an aside, in Ensign's Data tab of the Chart Properties window, the "auto refresh" box is checked. I spoke with Ensign's technical support, and they point the finger at IB. I spoke with IB, however, they have not offered any solutions.

    Have any of you folks experienced this issue and, if so, how do you deal with it?
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    I use Ensign but with the IQ feed.

    This does sound a bit like the IB feed issue, as I too trade ES but havenever had this issue.

    Your response from IB sounds quite typical from what I read of IB on these boards.
  3. I switched as well...and am fairly pleased with the results.

    First, so that you know, when you click on your chart, the properties come up. Under the data tab there is a box that says "preserve existing bars". You could check that.

    I have not checked it. And, I also have not checked "auto refresh charts". I do not manually refresh charts until after the close. Not saying this is the way you should do it, but I like the idea that the chart reflects what came through my system.

    What happens as I understand it when you manually refresh (or auto refresh), is that the system accesses IB's backfill. I presume there could be slight differences between that and what actually came through your system. Who knows exactly how the backfill is handled? At that, the when I do manually refresh (lets say there was an outage), I don't see alot of change in the bars.

    One other thing though...under the data tab, you can select your refresh source. If you have DTN checked, or 1st Internet source, you may well be getting something different than IB. I'd check IB, which doesn't have a delay in the refresh.

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    I usually use alt. + 7 and seem to have fewer problems. Although here in the last couple of days I've had some problems with the scale going bazerk.
  5. By the way, when I refresh, I right click the chart, then select refresh from the menu. Pick the time parameter you choose.

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    In my experience, linking IB real time quotes to your graphics program will often have a 1 tick discrepancy(which for short term traders-means something). Eventually their data farm picks up the data which is why is shows up after the refresh. I would try another data source as a trial as see if it works for you.
  7. You understand of course that IB does not report every tick. Trading the ES as this trader is I doubt that is going to make or break him.


  8. The reason for this is your realtime data is comming from IB, when you hit the refresh you are refreshing with DTN data. This makes are real big differance when you are using tick charts.

    That was my main reason for leaving ensign. Its great as long as you never refresh. You get what you pay for.
  9. You might want to get your facts straight. You can select either IB or DTN as a refresh source. You check your preference in the properties box.

  10. Yes, at the moment, if you refresh with IB data then its got all the transaction counts set to 0 so the tick charts dont "work." IB have committed to fixing this so the IB refresh will have ticks some time soon.
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