A question for those of you who own blogs and websites

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  1. I got a good laugh out of this......

    """"""Quote from Brandonf:

    District Attorney's have now been going after people for criminal liable and slander based upon shit they think they can toss at legimate business on the internet. You think that because you are hiding behind a "handle" that no one can find you and you can say whatever you want.

    I will have my attorney get a subpoena to find out who you really are. If I can not pursue criminal charges I will pursue civil charges, I may or may not win, but I'm sure I have at least as much money to spend on an attorney as you do.

    Brandon Lee Fredrickson """"""""""
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  2. Questrade


    why selling them for so cheap... something fishy
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  3. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    Well that's a legitimate question and I thank you for asking it.

    I've been a millionare before and it is almost all it's cracked up to be.

    In 2005 I was worth about $3million and got a divorce. It was as friendly as a divorce gets, but it still knocked me in half.

    2006 I was diagnosed with cancer. During the course of being treated for cancer my lifetime maximum insurance benefit was hit. I had to start paying for everything out of pocket.

    This cost another $1million and just about when that I was over I had an operation which resulted in a MRSA and Strep infection that nearly killed me three times. Spent over 130 days in the hospital with it, and another million + down the drain.

    Between 2006 and last summer I did not work much. Created a couple of sites, traded a little and did some marketing for some friends and whatnot..but mostly just spent money to keep myself alive.

    In the end it was several million $ to do so, which will not surprise anyone who's had either cancer or a serious infection.

    End result..I spent the vast majority of my money.

    Recently I've started to work as a marketing consultant. I charge my clients the same way I used to charge my money managment clients, for performance..which is to say if I don't make money for them...then they don't pay me. I then also have a few of my own sites.

    Back in January I posted a merchants statement showing what one of my sites was doing. It was around 40K, of that as I said I made about 12K.

    I've continued to do well and so far this year have generated just over $3million for my clients. My fee tends to be 15 to 20% with established business, or 50% if I'm building a new business.

    In any case I've done ok. I'm not yet a millionare, but at this rate I should be, or at least very close, by the end of the summer again.

    You can go about 3 minutes into this video and see what the infection I have had has done to my leg. http://www.viddler.com/explore/bastiat29/videos/19

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  4. Brandonf

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    I suppose and I admit I feel like shit tonight. I could look at it tomorrow and feel differently I suppose..but I dont know that I will.

    Mostly though it just makes me pissed off that a person feels like they can call me a liar or whatever else they want.
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  5. Brandonf

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    PS. Why should you be sued? You have stated that you don't like me which is probably easy enough to prove, and your entitled to feel that way. You've also stated that I'm not a millionare, I'd be happy enough to let you talk to my accountant and he could confirm that I'm not yet back up on that mountain yet too, I had several million dollars worth of medical expences that wiped me out, I even had to move back in with my mom and dad for awhile. I dont see why there is any problem with anything you said?
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  6. Quite honestly Brandon, I harbor zero ill will towards you. I am quite curious and mildly surprised (hence my few posts) that you have chosen to be front and center on ET, aggressively pushing your marketing skills. But it's your prerogative to do so.

    On the other hand, there's tony oz (aka the gay wizard). He's a loser, a fraud, a liar, a charlatan etc etc. He's the ultimate queen of snake oil. I'm surprised he has posted again on ET, and I will be there to kick sand in his face each and every time he shows his scamming self.
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  7. Brandonf

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    I've known Tony for years. He was actually the first "big name" person other then Ken Wolff to give me a hand in this industry and I wouldnt have had the success I had if it was not for Tony.

    He's always struck me as a guy who cares about everything he touches. His family, his customers and the world around him.

    I don't know what Tonys bank account looks like, but I can tell you that I've been to his house and he is one of the very few "guru's" who never had a problem trading in front of me. Overall the time's Ive seen him he made money, though I dont recall how much.

    Anyway I guess your opinion about Tony is between you and him, but think you are greatly mistaken about him.

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  8. And I strongly feel that the way you just painted him is as tainted and twisted and wrong as it gets. I stand by my assertion that he is a charlatan, a fraud, a liar and the ultimate queen of snake oil.

    It's always the same scam, if tony oz (aka the gay wizard) could truly trade profitably, there would be no need for him to peddle crappy books and dvds.

    No need to answer here brandon. Don't fight the gay wizards battles for him. Let him crawl from under his rock if he wants to attempt to defend himself.
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  9. If you stop spamming continuously, then you won't have to worry about "pissed off and bitter people."

    Or is your definition of "honesty" or "integrity" mean to continuously flaunt the ET terms of service while assailing other people for venting their feelings about your behavior???

    This is a trading site. A number of people get fed up with you trying to build publicity for Mr. Brandon Guru.

    I would happily testify on behalf of anyone you go after. People may PM me if Brandon threatens you.
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  10. lindq


    The more you post, the more you dig yourself into a hole of complete idiocy.

    You're talking here about legal standards of truth. Well buddy, I will challenge you...right here...to post the URLs of the sites you have marketed, so we can all see how truthful they are in presenting their products and services.

    You are abusing this site (amazing that you are still permitted here) for the purposes of marketing your services.

    Okay, show your stuff. Let's see everything you've done. Let's see what you are selling, and how you're selling it.

    Let's see your portfolio, right here.

    Or are you ashamed of it?

    I spent 25 years in the advertising business as owner of a successful company that served national advertisers. The crap that you and your ilk peddle on the internet NEVER would have been approved for air, or for print, before the internet.

    But there is no regulation of performance claims on the internet, and you just love that, don't you?

    You say that you've been contacted by 100 people from this site asking about your services.

    You see that as a source of pride.

    I see it as a sad comment on the times.
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