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    I just thought of this idea last night and I wanted to just get an idea of "Will this go over or not".

    There are a lot of people out there who are very skilled at something, yet they make very little money with that skill.

    Now in terms of trading this is not true, if your a skilled trader, your going to make money. However, a large number of you have blogs and websites as well as trade. Of those with websites a lot of people would like to make money off them, but 99% will fail.

    I can nearly gaurantee you that the reason you fail is not because of the market information you are giving out, rather it is due to your marketING, or lack of skill there.

    Over the years I've had great success, even becoming something of a stock market guru. I know how it's done.

    Over the last couple of years I've kind of left the stock market guru scene, but I have continued to work behind the scenes with a number of "famous stock market guru's" (someday even surfer is going to hire me!).

    People who run websites hire me, and pay a lot when they do, because they know I produce results (in fact just like when I managed money, I only charge for results).

    In any event, over the last several months I've gotten a lot of PMs and emails from people on ET who want me to help them with their own websites. The truth is, I'd love to help you all because I think there has never ever been a better time to be in the financial education industry. That's not possible though.

    So now here is my question, and if there is enough interest I'll probably put togehter a product (and advertise on ET so that TZ can unpack his panties from the wad they are in).

    You don't have to answer in public, a PM is fine.

    Here goes: Would you be interested in a product that teaches you how to take your stock market website or blog to the next level. You would have several case studies, both from myself and the people I have worked with, showing you how to build your stock market website business from 0 to whatever you want to build it too. Not only that I'd show you, step by step how to build your business. How to attract visitors to your site (online and offline methods that kick ass), and most important how to convert them to buyers. You will get specific scripts that have worked for me, but not only tactic, but strategy.

    There is a lot of great information out there on marketing, but nothing geared towards a stock market marketer, which is ironically the most lucrative info product market out there.

    If this is something that would be of interest to you please let me know. I'm actually very excited about the potential of the product, but I want to get some feedback before I get going.

    Also please be aware that I don't sell anything cheaply. There would probably be mini lessons and such things available for under $250, but the main pruduct would likely be in the $1500 to $2000 range.

    This is nothing compared to what you can do though. I have one client who only a few years ago was over a million dollars in debt. He now has a $1million per year stock market website in addition to his own trading. I myself started my website when I was 19 years old, running it for 7 years and only had one year where I made less than 6 figures. On the extreme end of things, moneyandmarkets.com makes over $80million per year, having done a promotion just last week that brought in over $15million.

    I also don't want you to think you have to become a "famous" or pseduo famous in the industry. You will have to reveal who you are, people don't trust an avatar...however I have one site that is bringing in 20 to 40K per week with a guy I doubt any of you have ever heard of in the Forex Market.

    Brandon Fredrickson
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  3. Hi Oz man!:)
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    I got a good number of replies. Thanks.

    Those of you who have tried and not had a lot of luck let me ask you: Where do you think you had your most significant difficulty? What was it that kept your site/you from being discovered and taking off?
  5. But if you can build an arbitrary number of these sites and make 600K-10 million each, why are you selling your secrets for $2000? hmm?
  6. You know where the money's at? You need to program esignal or tradestation indicators and rent them out monthly. Then have a website with a chat room and some sort of subscription service for the chat. The chat room has to have some additional data, some type of spreadsheet with an indicator that you can't re-create easily. You charge 50-100 per month, and get 10-20 subscribers, plus your esignal/tradestation royalties all of a sudden you're pulling in decent dough doing something you enjoy.
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    Aren't you the same guy who had a " mentoring program " a while ago ?

    You got 1000s of posts and many ideas but somehow you don't have any money to trade.
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    I have eight financial sites that I own at least 50% of, and I have 10 clients in the field as well who pay me per launch, typically 20 to 35% of the profit.

    Why would I sell it? Why not? My friend Jason just launched his $2500 IM product a month and a half ago, sold 1040 of them. He makes about $1.3million per year off his main sites as well, but a person only has so much time in a day.

    For me the course will take 50 to 80 hours to create, and another 100 hours or so to put the launch sequence in place blah blah blah. Once I've done that work I can sell it forever. Why shouldnt I sell stuff, that is after all what I do.

    I've had over 100 people on ET get in touch with me wanting to start sites and have me do the marketing for them. The majority do not have ideas that are worth marketing, but even of those who do there is no way I can work with them all even if I wanted too.
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    Because marketers..well they market.
    Back in January when I was doing my original thread teaching people some basics of marketing I posted the sales info for one of my sites. This is my second best site and it sells a trading product.


    The numbers shown there obviously reflect everything that was billed and do not take into account the fee's I paid my affiliate partners, my fullfillment costs etc. Out of the 40K I made that week from that site I probably cleared around 12 to 15K
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    Why don't you ask Tim, Toni or Bo how much they pay me and how much more I'm worth then I get paid.

    Ask Tom Campbell, who's company processes over half a billion in auctions per year how much he's paid me.

    Here's what one of my sites did back in January.
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