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  1. Hello


    The other day i posted in the thread i have shown below which optional777 created.

    I responded to Optional777 asking him whether or not is is true that pedophiles got raped and beaten while in prison.

    Did you respond to me by telling me that Pedophiles were segregated from the general population while in prison? Was your response, as well as my own response on that thread deleted? Were those 2 responses the only 2 replies to the thread at that time? Please answer these 2 questions truthfully.

    I understand you have no reason to stick up for me, as we are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but i was unjustifiably banned for this, and whoever the overzealous mod was who did this will not admit to it, i want to simply prove that it isnt my imagination, and that what i am saying did infact happen. I may not agree with you politically Ricter, but im pretty positive you are a standup guy, so please tell us what you remember in this matter.

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  2. Ricter


    Well I'll be, that post of yours, and my response, are gone. But, I can't recall which thread it was for sure, so I don't know if the replies were "excised", or the whole thread!

    Sorry, I can't say how long that thread was.

    You got banned?? I hope you are back now, even if we are mortal enemies (politically). (Oh, and socially.) (Oops, and spiritually....)

    Edit: and you are right about the topic, and my reply. You're not losing it, man! Not yet. : )
  3. Hello


    Its a long story, thank you for your reply, and i knew you would honest.

    If you want to figure out what happened see the link below

  4. Yeah, I got an odd PM from Joe, who told me to "watch my language" in the forums, or something to that effect. I thought it odd as I hadn't said anything recently which was controversial by P/R standards. What? Using cuss words? That's pretty commonly accepted not on here, but on the rest of the forum as well... I sent him a message back asking him what had prompted his message, and what in particular he wanted me to adhere to. He never answered.

    It really seems like he's always had a tendency to ban/censor anyone who leans right. I can remember conflicts where the left winger was visibly the guilty one, yet the right winger would get banned. Multiple people have been banned as a result of conflicts with ZZZ/Optional/Aroguetrader, and he's usually been the guilty party in each case I can think of. Now that optional is back, people who 'lean right' are getting randomly banned and erroneous warnings?? Posts about him disappearing??Hmmm, I don't know...

  5. pspr


    If you think this all stems from Optionall777 just put him on ignore as I did. Problem solved. Of course, if I can't log into ET tomorrow I'll know revenge has struck.