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    I know very little about Options Trading (my background is Fx and Futures)

    What is the best way of learning about the Options business.
    What would you recommend please

  2. For the mega-umpteenth time: McMillan, then Natenberg, then Cottle. :cool:
  3. Begin with reading some basic material.

    Look at this: [LINK corrected]

    Then go to



    I strongly recommend my very easy to understand, detailed guide for rookies:

    The Rookie's Guide to Options.

  4. I've brought up this discussion before, but I must ask you:

    Have you looked at Natenberg and Cottle recently?

    How in he world is someone who doesn't understand how options work or who has zero experience using them going to understand a word of what Natenberg teaches. Sure, it's a great book - but it's not for the inexperienced trader.

    As for Cottle, he's a one-idea man. Synthetics. I agree that synthetics (equivalent positions) are important, but what's the point o learning how to box or butterfly a position when the reader doesn't even understand the original trade or why it was initiated.

    C'mon Nazz, good books for the advanced trader are not necessarily books for beginners.

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    If i wanted to trade SPX, what are the ways to trade this index? Just options? Spreads seem so large. Thanks
  6. Spreads are HUGE, but you can always trade at better prices. Do not pay offers. Do not sell bids. You can do better.

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    Read everything that you can get your hands on (web sites, the library). Don't worry if you don't understand all of it. Once you have a basic foundation, you'll get a feel for what is and what's not for you and you'll be able to judge what books will have something to offer you.
  8. Trade ES options instead. Reasonable bid/ask spread and you can directly hedge with the ES futures. Lower margins also if that matters to you. If you don’t want to do futures then SPY would be what you want to use.
  9. erol


    as someone who is learning myself,

    I really really enjoyed

    Options made Easy by Guy Cohen

    Are you going to learn all of this from one book? No

    But I've learned a lot from it.

    CBOE also has their courses for free (sponsored by optionxpress)
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