a question for mr whale / cta / index fund etc

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SethArb, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. could the "big boys"

    trade "retail" ?

    meaning with their own money
    and without the BOTS and millions or billions
    behind their "spoofing" ways ?

    do the minds behind the "whales"

    even have a clue as to how O R C A M works ?

    most likely yes

    to they trade that way ?

    nah ... its the same old nonsense for them

    and hoping they get the FAT bonus or more OPM

    to manage .. meanwhile ... the question remains

    Could any of them trade "out of a paper bag" ?

  2. ok I will admit ... I am a little bored at

    approaching 5:30 am EST

    but will anyone listening please

    A. stop the SPOOFS

    B. and if offering huge size ( be prepared to eat them ) ?

    ( no not from me ... as at the present time I do not manage

    zillions nor do I have a mcMansion somewhere)

    damn BOTS

  3. and please please don't even think of trading against your customer