A Question For HealthCare Lovers...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoBailOutBoy, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. This morning CNBC took a poll and got a record breaking number of respondents.
    It turns out that a whopping One (1) Out Of Four (4) people support this BullS*it Health Care Bill from some Idiot named Husain Obama.

    So my Question for you Lame Assed supporters is:
    Where The Hell Is HILARY CLINTON?
  2. Looks like the Obamacare/Tyranny bill is going to pass. Obama and the Dems will cheer proudly.

    They shouldn't. They should be ashamed of how they got it done, for their selfishness and the harm they've imposed on the country.

    In a Reagan speech, he warns, ".. the cornerstone of Socialism is government run health care".. which of course is one of Obama's ultimate objectives.

    :( :(
  3. MattF


    Sunday night...when we are all "asleep" (like before).

    Then the pats on the back Monday morning before everyone realizes we are f'd...
  4. If it passes, while they are patting themselves on the back Monday morning, I'm going to be cashing out of the system.

    Once the IRS has legal authority to debit my accounts at will, part of the new bill largely ignored by the media, I don't want to play on their field anymore.

    I'm just going to take my ball and bat and go home.
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    If it is true that more than a majority of the US Citizens do not agree with this legislation, one only need look at what happened after the ratification of the 18th Amendment. I am sure as an unintended consequence that there will be a new global market forming that will address the disenfranchised parties of this Bill, and the revenue enforcement/collectors will morph the ATF to the ATF&H to attempt compliance. Hey, the 18th Amendment spawned us NASCAR, so some new entertainment will develop from the cat and mouse games of H.C. :D
  6. Here is information about how the IRS is going to have more power.

  7. you want your way, ain't you? Get this through your heads , country which spends 1 million dollars for a missile must have every citizen insured . Things are different now boys, adjust your needs and quit bitching.
  8. Why didn't you leave when the Patriot Act was passed? :confused:
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    They have no room for shame in their quest for power and control.
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