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  1. How come Ron Paul wasn't nominated? He was the ideal conservative canidate.

    John McCain is the polar opposite. Plus his wifes gives me the creeps.
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    You don't need to be a conservative to answer why Ron Paul wasn't nominated. It was obvious. he ran a terrible campaign. The better question to ask the conservatives is "What did Ron Paul do with that record amount of money you gave him?"
  3. It's because the U.S. Constitution has become so terribly passé and unfashionable these days. Life can throw many constant inconvenient decisions our way, so having an authoritarian leader to helpfully make all of our choices for us makes everything <i>so</i> much easier for everyone.

    Plus, you always want to trust the country to someone who uses the phrase "my friends" in every other sentence like McCain does. When a guy calls everyone "buddy" or "my friend" all the time (especially when he's selling something), that just shows honesty, integrity, and true friendship on his part.
  4. Ron Paul not only had to fight the mainstream media every step of the way but also his party. Bringing home the troops threatens the military industrial complex and the media is in the pocket of those that profit from war.

    also, his message of a stable currency coupled with eliminating the illegal fed reserve/IRS gave the bankers no choice but to fight him on every front.

    i was astounded at how infested the whole voting system is at every level. we do not live in a democracy nor what we really are suppose to be, a Constitutional Republic. We are run by oligarchs in secret to most of you, blatantly obvious to some of us. this is fascist corporatism and we are already there.
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    Ron Paul is a nutty kook.....the publicity has made everyone in his district realize how much of a nut he really is....

    Probably won't get re-elected.....


  6. Uhmmmm....IDEAL conservative?????? Not quite....BUt hey.... I like the guy and whish he would have won...i'd vote for him
  7. We'll shit compared to Romney he's a saint -- compared to McCain he is god. I guess Huckabee was another decent conservative candidate... still came in 3rd place.

    You Republicans are so fucking lost it's not even funny.
  8. You're right. I don't get why Republicans are choosing McCain. The Iraq War is a huge albatross and is very unpopular with Independent and swing voters. And so what do Republicans do? They pick the most pro-Iraq War candidate.

    McCain's quote on Iraq as the "100 year war" will be hammered home in November. And voters will also be reminded that McCain said the economy is "is not something I’ve understood as well as I should." Great. Just what we need. The economy is falling apart and we'll have a President who thinks Keynes is a place in Florida.

    The Republicans are in a laughable position of having a nominee who supports an unpopular war and who is admittedly weak on the economy at a time when voters are insecure about the economy.
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    As much as I dislike Rush Limbaugh, I think he is dead on in his assesment of the Republican party right now. He says the base is fractured, and it absolutely is.

    The blame, (or credit depending on who you are), lies with Bush and the neocons. It was astounding to watch them in action, completely ignoring the long term effects of what they were doing. Were they really so dumb that they couldn't see that war in Iraq was a bad idea, or were they so arrogant that they thought they could sell it to us? I think it was mostly their arrogance. Why didn't any Republican try to stop Bush from out of control spending? Why didn't any Republican try to stop him from creating more government beauracracy, (DHS, etc.)? Why did so few Republicans oppose his liberal immigration views? Did the Republicans really fear opposing Bush on all of these things? They must have, because they allowed themselves to be swept out of office in the midterms for refusing to oppose him on the war and immigration. They got what they deserved, a fractured base that will take years to heal, if it ever does.

    On the Democrat's side, their only blunder was not being able to stop Bush's war in Iraq. And that wasn't really a blunder, it was mostly an effort that simply failed. They didn't have a large enough majority. Their base didn't fracture like the Republican's did. The Dems are sitting pretty for the future right now, unless they screw it up somehow. The Repubs are in trouble.
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    Rush Limbaugh has an interesting dilemma for the 08 election. he has already announced his disapproval of John Mccain, but it is obvious McCain will get the nomination. So what will Rush do for the election? Is he going to support McCain or not?

    Remember when George HW Bush was seeking reelection? He had broken his "read my lips" pledge and was out of favor with the Republicans. But Rush still supported him during the election, despite having critisising him when he broke his "read my lips" promise.

    Based on that, I think Rush will eventually support McCain. I rarely listen to him except during Presidential elections. That's when he's at his fiery best. Rush was born for talk radio. As much as I dislike him personally, I like hearing him during presidential elections.
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