A question for Christians

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  1. I somewhat understand your theology, yet I'm confused about a few things, in your new testament your god tells one of the men crucified with him that he will be in paradise with yet the book indicates he spent 3 days in hell before he supposedly rose, second on the cross he utters "why have you forsaken me", which one is it did he go to paradise or hell?

    So if I died and came back to life does that qualify me to be a god?
    I understand he performed many "miracles", how difficult is it to perform "miracles" if you have the right "technology"?
    The guy preached peace and harmony but people that follow him are downright killers, fornicators, and idolaters(yes all of you). I noticed most of the harlots claim to be a follower of this guy(shit I would follow him too if he promised me a pie in the sky)

    Lastly don't be offended because your "god" asked me to save him in a dream...now you can laugh, did I not make you laugh, I'll get to the Muslims next...

    All this "grace" talk and at the same time has me wishing you all burn in hell with your "god", (joking)
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    The souls of Old Testament saints waited for their redemption in what was known as Abraham’s Bosom, the abode of those who placed their faith in a coming messiah. Separate from those of the damned.

    This is where Catholic’s form their belief in purgatory. Christ descended there, and with His ability to defeat death, led those souls free. That place is now empty.

    Now when a believer dies their spirit/soul now goes to be with the Father/God/Jesus waiting a time when the soul and new body will be joined.

    Unbelievers are bound waiting for Judgement in what we would call hell. Total separation from God with the understanding of His truth and no way to reconcile yourself.

    At the end if this age, God will judge Satan and the third of the angles that followed him. Unfortunately he will also judge those who did not place their faith in His Son.

    At that time all sin, will be cast into the lake of fire. My personal belief is God at that time will erase all sin, Satan, his followers from existence. And what is left will enter into a new age, existence with God as He intended Creation to be.
  3. In the book of revelation it talks about this guy coming from the sky like a plane or a bird, in another part the guy talks about he'll show up like a thief in the night(meaning without anyone knowing), so which one is it?
    Another question is Christians believe in "sacrament" of flesh and blood, don't you think that is cannibalistic? The guy calls himself the "shepherd" and his followers the sheep, the question is I know sheep eat grass, but what does this shepherd eat? Is he a vegan? I know it's a metaphor, but still, use common sense, he tends to his sheep so he can eat them.

    I hear people always talking about going to heaven, yet are already in heaven from what I define. I'll give you an example, I was watching an interview with Michael Bloomberg the billionaire businessman, and he said " when I go to heaven...", and I couldn't stop laughing, I thought what more do you want? You had all the things people want, you had the love of your family and more yet you talk about wanting more, I found his statements strange.

    What is heaven? Heaven for a person is having what they need in life, without the threat of evil. A good example is if you gave the struggling poor what they needed, they might think they're in heaven. I always found Jesus's statement odd, "Many Mansions...", If that's what you have to offer me, I'll pass and take my chances on my own. The Muslim blows himself up for getting laid by 72 virgins, I found it funny because the Saudi king and princess have sex parties at their palace with 100 virgins every month(Saudi king was taking viagra at the age of 90). The poor Mongolian bastard thinks he's going to heaven if blows himself up(SMH). The Mormons think almost the same thing, they think heaven is one big sex party at which end they will be made into gods. The modern-day Jewish, think they're the chosen and are always calming that tribe, I have one question, where was your god when the germans were burning you in ovens or was that part of the big "plan". The atheists are liars because I know they believe in themselves, don't they?