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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by harold_callahan, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have any advice for getting to know Wealth Lab better. I am able to write scripts and process simulations etc, but I am concerned that I am only using a small percentage of the power of the software.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on Books, Web Sites, or Articles to review to educate myself on the various tools etc that are available in Wealth Lab Developer?
  2. Aaron


    Have you read the three manuals: Wealth-Lab Developer 3.0 User Guide, WealthScript Language Guide, and WealthScript Function Reference? They are pdfs and are on the WLD download page. Everything about Wealth-Lab is in those three books.
  3. Turok


    In addition to Aaron's suggestions, I would browse the WL site and cruise through the code of the scripts posted by users. I have learned an unbelievable number of tricks and capabilities there.

  4. thank you for your input...

    I found this info helpful

    "the updated PDF manuals are always available on the Wealth-Lab Developer Download page. It's the first menu item under the WLD main menu. "

    I downloaded the 3 manuals hassuggested.
  5. You might also take a look at the articles that have been written and published on the web site. On the community site they are now hidden in the "knowledge base" and will only come up after you type in a specific question. Nevertheless on this site you can find differnt sections of articles http://www.wld3.com/articles.htm. Some of them might still use WLD2.1 but sure a valid also for WLD3. Also don"t forget the article in the "Active Trader" magazin.

    Hope this is of help.