A question about using the correct Twitter symbols

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  1. Good morning everyone ! This is my first post and I think I'm in the appropriate forum. Please excuse me if I'm not.

    I'm Dave from Winston Salem, NC and I'm a full time /ES trader and tutor.

    I send out /ES updates throughout the day via e mail and just recently decided to use Twitter via TweetDeck to get my information out quicker.

    My question is.. what is the correct way to code the tweets. I've been told to use #ES_F, #ES and ES and end my tweets with $$.

    I also signed up on StockTwits and notice I'm getting a butt-load of Spanish junk from there.

    If someone could tell me the correct and best way to code my tweets for maximum exposure I would greatly appreciate it !!

    Thanks to all and have a great day !

  2. wrbtrader


    The correct way is $ES_F and not #ES_F. However, that's dollar sign in front of the ES_F symbology is specific to stocktwits although it will show up within the time line of messages of any other twitter application (e.g. tweetdeck).

    However, to ensure ALL see you message posts...make sure you also put the words "Emini ES" within the same tweets with the "$ES_F" because many traders don't use the stocktwit symbol format when sending out messages.

    In addition, there's a growing number of users that don't use twitter for real-time communication because of the distraction. Instead, they use it for after the market close research to look for any info that was posted that may be useful.

    Simply, you want to post messages that all can see and find instead of using the symbol all by itself.

    Maximum Exposure example: $ES_F - Emini ES just broke through a resistance level

    The above example includes the correct stocktwits symbol use and the phrase Emini ES to get you message out to ALL users of twitter that follow the Emini ES futures tweets.

  3. Very interesting Mark, thx for sharing.

    And i thought facebook was complicated to use :p
  4. RobertG


    Also you should know that if you post on twitter and put $$ at the end, it would go to stocktwits directly. As oppose to twitter where you could eliminate your twits, if you $$ in the end your twits on stocktwits stay forever.

    They do that because they want to track performance without altering it. Never the less, I still find many on the twitter forums that post their winners and seem to "forget" about their losers.

    If one believes that 90% of the crowd loses, this is losing in real time...social media at its best.